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Haunted Campus Stories: Fordham University & The Ghost of Priests Past

By Samantha Aronson

When I was a freshman, I found out my school was haunted. One day, I was speaking with some juniors and seniors, and they shared stories about things that had happened to them throughout their time on campus, and I’m about to share one of those memorable ghostly experiences with you. A note to keep in mind––I go to a Jesuit school, so it’s normal to see priests walking around everywhere.

There was a man was on the orientation committee, and his job was to prepare the dorms for move-in before the new class of students arrived on campus. It was a weekday at 3 a.m., so he assumed he was alone in the dorms. The central part of his job was to flip mattresses upwards. In one room that he had prepared, he noticed the mattress had fallen. He prepared the room for the second time, and he locked the door on his way out.

He continued his rounds and later rechecked the room. He saw that the door was unlocked and the mattress was down once again. Annoyed, he re-flipped the mattress and checked the halls to see if anyone else was around.If anyone had been around, they would have had to break into the dorm, as he had the only master key for the building. After continuing his work for a while, he returned to the room, and the mattress was down yet again. So, he decided to take out his phone and email a complaint to the main office office. He received a reply in minutes. This quick response was shocking––he thought no one would be in the office at that unholy hour! He opened the email. Someone would be over right away to check out the situation and help find a solution to the problem.

Within the hour, a priest appeared. He walked into the room, looked around, and let out a weary sigh. Turning to the man, he explained that a spirit haunted the dorm room. He would need to perform an exorcism immediately. With a wave of his hand, the priest asked the man to leave, saying that he could take it from there. The man did not question him. 

The next morning, the man went to the office to thank the priest that had helped him. He told the receptionist all about the email, thanked them for sending a priest, and told them how he never expected them to answer so late at night. As he continued to praise their service, she told him that no worker in the office had done such a thing. They had all gone home by then. Perturbed, the man went to find the email that had been sent to him, but it had vanished from his inbox. He was stunned. He restated last night’s events and this time mentioned how the priest looked. Her face expressed fear. She told him to wait just one moment, and returned a few minutes later with a yearbook from the ’80s. She flipped open to the staff page and pointed, “Is that the man?”

The man said, “Yeah you guys sent him!”

She then explained to him that that priest has been dead for over a decade.

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