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15 Funny Pop Culture Valentine’s Day Cards To Give Your SO This Year

If you’re anything like me, you prefer your Valentine’s Day cards to be hilarious. Valentine’s Day may be a romantic holiday, and more traditional cards are never a bad route, but whether I’m giving a card to a friend or a lover, I prefer to make them laugh out loud with the content inside. As someone who stays up-to-date on pop culture, I love including references that are relevant and personal for the individual people in my life. Everyone has their favorite pieces of pop culture, and including some of their favorites in the card you choose shows that you care (and pay attention to what the people in your life enjoy)! I had a lot of favorites this year that my friends and I reference all the time, and the inclusion of those pop culture moments in a Valentine’s Day card will certainly inspire me to display it.

Whether you’re a Saltburn fanatic or obsessed with everything Taylor Swift and the Eras Tour this year, there’s a special card out there for you. If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further — here are some of my favorite pop culture cards to give your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Of course, these are only some suggestions — sites like Etsy and Amazon have some great options if you just do some searching. Without further ado, here’s some ideas to make your Valentine swoon!

Saltburn Valentine’s Day Card

If you’re still obsessed with Saltburn like I am, this Saltburn poetry card ($4, Etsy) is the perfect pick for you. The movie may have been totally wild, but it was also totally memorable, and let’s be real — Jacob Elordi makes people do crazy things. Plus, with this card, you’re still getting a classic poem in there, just with a twist. I consider it a win.

Nanalan Valentine’s day card

I love sending TikToks to people, so when I’m out of friends to bug about my favorite TikToks, my boyfriend is next in line (and very much expected to respond to every single video I send). This trending TikTok from the children’s cartoon Nanalan found a large number of fans on TikTok last year, and occasionally still graces my FYP. Naturally, a Wonderful Boy card ($5, Etsy) is a hilarious callback. Cue the music!

The classic rickroll valentine’s Day card

Something that will never change is the relevance of a classic Rickroll. “Never Gonna Give You Up” remains a part of pop culture forever, and I honestly don’t think you can convince me of anything different, hence the relevance of this Rickroll-themed card ($6, Etsy).

Taylor swift & travis kelce valentine’s day card

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Tayvis (aka Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift) have been taking the world by storm. Spoiler alert: There are no signs of slowing down. For any T-Swift fans, a Tayvis card ($7, Etsy) is sure to make you their Lover (pun intended).

Stanley cup valentine’s day card

Stanley cups were the newest cup trend in 2023, and they’re still going strong into 2024. For any friends who are never seen without their faithful Stanley cup by their side, whether at work or in class, a Stanley cup card ($6, Etsy) is the perfect way to subtly nod at their obsession and your love for them. 

Ken valentine’s day card

Barbie was the cultural reset we needed during the summer of 2023, and Ryan Gosling’s iconic portrayal of Ken had everyone cheering. Naturally, the world was quick to adapt “I Am Kenough” into their vocabulary, and rushed to buy the iconic sweatshirt, so it only makes sense that Ken would make his way onto a Kenough-themed card ($6, Etsy) this Valentine’s Day, too.

Mean girls valentine’s day card

With the rekindling of the Mean Girls obsession now that the musical is in theaters, the pop culture phenomenon is on a lot of people’s minds. Whether you choose a card to make a reference to the movie’s most iconic lines ($8, Etsy) or with a cute Burn Book reference, you can’t go wrong with a Mean Girls-inspired card. 

Ted Lasso valentine’s day card

With the release of Season 3 back in 2023, Ted Lasso lasso-ed many fans’ hearts, and perhaps the heart of your loved ones, too. For any fans of the show, a Ted Lasso-themed card ($8, Etsy) will be sure to rope them in.

Gypsy rose blanchard valentine’s day card

The release of Gypsy Rose has taken the world by storm, and media outlets everywhere have been sharing interviews with Gypsy, as well as content including her husband, Ryan. After a pretty iconic response to some haters on social media, this Gypsy card ($8, Etsy) with her iconic post-release selfie will be sure to make anyone grin. 

10 things i hate about you Valentine’s day card

With the resurgence of romantic comedies after the release of Anyone But You, that means bringing back some favorite rom-com classics. The 1999 movie 10 Things I Hate About You had its own mini-revival after Olivia Rodrigo covered “You’re So Vain” for the 2022 Rock Hall induction ceremony, and the iconic karaoke scene from the movie began to pop up again. I think it’s time to bring it into the limelight even more with this karaoke card ($6, Etsy). 

Wednesday Valentine’s day card

Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega, is another culturally-relevant show that many deeply adore, but no one stole the show quite like Thing. Let your friends know you have a thing for them with this Thing-themed card ($6, Etsy) and any fans of the show will get a kick out of it. 

Top Gun valentine’s day card

A beloved piece of media in pop culture is Top Gun. Whether you watched the new movie with your SO or are just a huge fan of the franchise, this Top Gun card ($6, Etsy) is great for someone who can’t stop obsessing over Maverick, Goose, or Tom Cruise. 

Indiana jones valentine’s day card

As for another movie people got excited about recently, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was released in 2023 and had people flocking to the theater during the summer. For many fans of the original series, a little Indiana Jones pun ($6, Etsy) on a card is just what you need to have them falling for you.

Twilight valentine’s day card

Taylor Lautner has been gaining more relevance between his press coverage about being Taylor Swift’s best ex, and the increased interest in his podcast The Squeeze with his own wife, Taylor. Despite that, fans of his all know that Lautner could never be involved in anything more iconic than Twilight, and anyone who agrees will love this Jacob Black card ($5, Etsy). 

Friends valentine’s day card

Another timeless option, Friends will never be irrelevant. After Matthew Perry’s death in October 2023, many turned to their TV and Friends to celebrate his legacy, bringing the show into conversation even more than it already was. For any Friends lovers, they’ll love a card like this one ($3, Etsy) that serves as a well-meaning gesture and a tribute to the iconic show.

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