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12 Astrology Memes That Made Us Feel Absolutely Attacked in 2019

Horoscopes, astrology and zodiac signs have been used to describe and categorize the personalities of people born at different points in time. When crisis strikes, or when you’ve broken up with (and gotten back together) with your ex three times in the last month, your birth chart serves as the only explanation for your chaotic energy. As humans, we need something to explain why we are the way we are, and I can almost guarantee that you or someone you know has jumped at the opportunity to blame their terrible week on Mercury being in retrograde. Who wouldn’t?

What’s even better is that our generation has taken horoscopes a step further by taking one coping mechanism and meshing it with another to create the world’s most narcissistic lovechild, also known as the astrology meme. Calling out everything from your sign’s weaknesses to its most relatable Paris Hilton quote, astrology memes have solidified their power in 2019. We rounded up the 12 best astrology memes that made us laugh (or cry if you’re Pisces) this year. 


Aries, bold and ambitious, simply cannot miss the chance to dive headfirst into uncharted waters with blind optimism. They function as the fearless leaders of their friend groups, though their impulsivity and tendency to think after they jump leads to a lot of lessons learned. Aries are the wing women that approach the guy in the club to tell him “my friend thinks you’re so cute,” whether you asked them to or not. 


Taurus enjoy serene settings and are most content when being pampered. They are hard workers, but what they perceive as dedication is likely just them being stubborn to prove a point. Taurus find comfort in consistency, so don’t be surprised when they’re reluctant to try something new off the restaurant menu. 


It’s said that Geminis are interested in pursuing so many things, that they had to double themselves. If they could possibly be in two places at once, they’d make it happen. They are typically the social butterflies of their squads so, if they haven’t suggested plans already, they’re the one to go to when you need to know what the Friday night moves are. 


Cancers effortlessly pick up on the energies of others, to the point of almost psychic ability. Their gentle demeanors and compassion make them the caregivers of the friend group, though their attentiveness can sometimes come off as controlling. Cancers are the friends who probably grew up bringing home every stray cat they found in the neighborhood. 


No need to roll out the red carpet for a Leo, because they’ve already done it themselves. While most people see themselves as the star of their own lives, Leos see themselves as the main character in everyone’s movies. Theatrical and passionate, Leos thrive when in the spotlight. They desire to be loved by all and they achieve this by unapologetically celebrating themselves. 


Virgos take a logical and systematic approach to life and they expect you to do the same! They can be found in their natural habitat of overthinking and creating endless to-do lists that no sane person could ever finish in a single day. Virgos, though perfectionists, are admired by others for their desire to continuously be improving. 


Libras are focused on creating balance in all areas of life. Companionship and people-pleasing tendencies go hand-in-hand for Libras, which is why they are adored by friends. With their exquisite tastes for luxury and the finer things in life, Libras function as the trendsetters of their friend group. 


Scorpios are passionate with personalities that teeter on the verge of obsessive. They treat life like a game of chess—always two steps ahead and unafraid of playing the long game to get what they want. Scorpios are the friends you call when you need someone to deep dive into your crush’s internet history. They’ll track down your crush’s cousin’s girlfriend’s parent’s credit card information, and then dare you to order something off Adam and Eve with it. 


Sagittarius friends were probably the ones who participated in Junior Model United Nations in high school. They have a thirst for learning and hate being wrong. Their perfectionist tendencies combined with their “no bullshit” wit can often come off as pretentious, but no one can resist a thrill-seeking Sag. 


Capricorns have the expert ability to navigate the emotional realms which allows them to avoid any and all distractions that stand between them and their goals. Their persistence and can-do attitude have zero patience when it comes to pessimistic people. Capricorns are the future CEOs of the world because they literally will not accept anything less. 


Like Scorpio, Leo and Taurus, Aquarius people are undeniably stubborn. Their non-conformist, rebel hearts allow them to think big picture, but their free spirit can cause them to be distant in friendships and relationships. 


Pisces are creative and must split their attention between fantasy and reality. With their heads up in the clouds 93% of the time, Pisces mistakenly come off as flakey when they forget about the lunch plans you made a week ago. They always have their rose-colored glasses handy when dealing with situations and are likely the friend who argues that maybe your boyfriend really is “just friends” with that girl from work. 

Tawnie Simpson is a Senior Editing, Writing, and Media student at Florida State University. She enjoys (needs) a good cup of cold brew, she comes from a small town nobody knows called "about an hour south of Tampa" and she is often mistaken for 10-year-old Lindsay Lohan, but she's not complaining.
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