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Bestie, You *Gotta* Make These 4th Of July Cocktails & Mocktails For Your Weekend BBQ

What better way to say “cheers” to America’s birthday than to celebrate with festive drinks all day, and night, long? A classic beer or wine will do the trick, but I’ve been seeing viral cocktails and mocktails all over TikTok that are worth your while, trust me.

Whether the drinks are alcoholic or not (I don’t judge, I love a mocktail), so many drinks are trending on TikTok right now and it’s inspiring me to enter my mixologist era for this upcoming holiday. Spending time crafting these cocktails is a fun way to celebrate and it’s even more fun once you begin drinking them. Whether you’re sippin’ them by the pool while barbecuing, or while watching fireworks at your friend’s house, these drinks are just about as festive as it gets.

These drinks pair perfectly with all of those burgers and hot dogs you and fellow guests (including me) will be scarfing down. (This weekend, I’m not sure what will be better: the drinks themselves, or the fun my friends and I will have while making them.) These drinks will definitely help you feel refreshed and beat the summer heat — from festive wines to creative mixed drinks, I’ve rounded up all the trendy mixes for you to try this Fourth. So, let’s make a toast and say “Happy Birthday America” with these beautiful and delicious drinks.

Bomb Pop

This one is red, white, blue, and just about as festive as it gets. To start, the red portion includes Grenadine, vodka (whatever kind you prefer), lemon juice, and simple syrup. Then, add a whole bunch of ice and pour in this layer of the mix. To make the blue part, you mix vodka and Blue Curacao before adding in some more ice and pouring the blue mix. Voilá! You’ve got yourself the most festive drink!

Star-Spangled Sangria

(Simple) Star-Spangled Sangria! ⭐️ Recipe in comments! Let chill for a few hours before serving! 🥂 #4thofjulyparty #4thofjuly #4thofjulydrink

♬ Make it Juicy – Hunny Bee 😈

Ever since I saw the recipe for this, I’ve been dying to try it. It’s perfect for the poolside party on the fourth, alongside some watermelon and subs. Get yourself a large pitcher, add in a bunch of strawberries and blueberries, some sweet wines, and get a star-shaped cookie cutter and cut pineapple chunks into stars! This drink looks super easy to make and looks absolutely delicious. To make it a mocktail, instead of adding wine to the mix, add lemonade or iced tea for a fun drink! The kids will definitely love it. 

Patriotic Mock-Spritzer

For a super fun and delicious drink for kids and sober-curious folks, start by pouring red, blue, and the clear cherry-flavored Gatorades into ice trays. Freeze them and, once they’re frozen, fill the glasses with all three colors of the ice cubes and add in some Sprite.

Jello shots

Jello shots are always a fun way to cheer with on any holiday, but these red, white, and blue shots are perfect for the fourth! Start by making the blue jello with vodka, and pour it at the bottom of each shot. Then, for the white portion, mix the jello with sweetened condensed milk and pour it as the next layer. Lastly, make your red jello with vodka and pour it on top. (Pro tip: Make sure to refrigerate between each layer so the colors don’t mix together.)

Simply Lemonade Blue Drink

This drink is super easy to make, is mocktail friendly, and is super blue — perfect for the holiday. All you do is get a bottle of Simply lemonade, add in blue Kool-Aid, and some vodka (or skip the vodka, I don’t judge), shake it up and you have the perfect blue drink. This looks delicious and is a fun way to celebrate!

Tequila Watermelon Spritzer

Tequila + Watermelon + Prosecco = the easiest cocktail you’ll make all weekend long. #summerdrinks #drink #cocktail #4thofjuly

♬ swing lynn – calista

Since we have the blue drink, next up is the red! This spritzer is the perfect red color and looks amazing. All you do is mix tequila, lime juice, watermelon juice, prosecco, and garnish with some lime slices. Refreshing and perfect for either the day or night.

Sweet n’ sour Lemonade

This drink is full of fun… and sugar. First, add some red sour belts to a glass, then some raspberries, simple syrup, honey, lemon juice, vodka, lots of ice, hard seltzer, more ice, and blackberries. Garnish with a lemon and you have a beautiful drink!

Pop Mocktail

Looking for something fun & festive to being to your 4th of a July festivities? Make this drink! It’s easy & delicious – and non alcoholic! #nonalcoholic #4thofjuly #usa #redwhiteblue #cocktailrecipes

♬ Taste It – TELL YOUR STORY music by Ikson™

For a fun and yummy mocktail, there is nothing better than a drink full of sweets. First, add in Grenadine and ice, then Sprite, and blue Gatorade. Top it off with a Firecracker Ice Pop for a beautiful garnish!

Creamy Coco Berry Mocktail

Lastly, a delicious, and aesthetically pleasing, mocktail. Muttle some raspberries and blackberries and add them into a glass. Add some vanilla syrup, coconut water, fresh lemon juice, and lots of ice, and shake it all up. Then, pour that mixture over a glass full of ice, and top it off with some frothed coconut milk. Garnish with some festive striped straws and some berries. Super refreshing and absolutely delish.

Whether you’re going for a cocktail or mocktail, all of these drinks are festive, fun, and fab. Try them out this Fourth of July and make a colorful toast to the U.S.A!

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