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5 Digital Cameras Under $75 Perfect For Nostalgic Aesthetic Pics

Do you remember the days when your parents carried around digital cameras to capture all your memories and how annoying it was? Now, all you need is an iPhone and decent lighting to snap the picture in seconds. The only con to using your phone is you’re missing the nostalgic aesthetic of photos taken on a digital camera — the color, the exposure, and the iconic time stamp on the photos.

Now, tons of photo apps can give you those same aesthetics with the ease of just downloading an app, like Fuji or Dispo. But with the rise of digital cameras making a comeback, you can also relive your childhood nostalgia in your early 20s by buying a digital camera of your own.

Of course, when you’re buying a camera, you want to find one of nice quality. But you also have to keep in mind that you may be balling on a budget in college. Thankfully, there are tons of digital camera options under $75 at numerous stores that also look super chic.

Polaroid 16MP Waterproof Digital Camera

This camera is easy to find at Best Buy and screams nostalgia. This $50 camera by Polaroid has an early 2000s look to it and brings me back to my middle school days. It’s also waterproof, lightweight, and a small size, so you can fit it in your pocket while on the go.

Minolta MNCD37-R MNCD37 1080p Full HD Dash Camera

Amazon has tons of digital camera options, and this $60 Minolta digital camera is worth the money. This camera comes with a 3-inch screen that gives a clear view of each photo, and also comes with a mounting component for video purposes.

Bell+Howell WP20-O Splash3 20 Mega Pixels Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera

This Bell+Howell camera is for those looking for a vintage-looking camera that doesn’t run on film. This camera can capture 1080p HD Video, is waterproof, and has high photo resolution at only $60.

Zelic Clearance 40 MP 2.4inch Lcd Rechargeable Hd Digital Camera Compact Pocket Camera

If you want a super sleek digital camera, this Zelic camera is the one for you. Found for only $28 at Walmart, this digital camera is meant to be compact and easy to grab on the go. This small camera has 24 megapixels resolution and can capture anything with its three-time zoom feature. (Plus, it comes in pink.)

VAHOIALD FHD 1080P Digital Camera

This $70 camera is perfect for recreational photography, but also for those interested in vlogging. This digital camera has powerful lens zoom, full HD 1080P video resolution, and comes with a 32GB SD Card.

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