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Besties, Pride Month is upon us, and that means Pride festivals, parades, and parties are about to be popping off. I went to my first Pride festival last year, and I had an absolute blast. It was such a cool experience that made me feel extremely proud of who I was. To be honest, it just felt like one big party most of the time! The energy at these events is so welcoming and fun, and I definitely recommend everyone try to attend at least one this year, if you’re able to.

One of the reasons these events are so fun is because many attendees go all-out with their outfits, floats, and beauty looks, which is always awesome to watch. It allows the attendees to fully express themselves. One of my favorite forms of self-expression to witness is via Pride signs and posters, which are often super funny or super heartfelt — and they always cause me to marvel at how creative the people in the LGBTQ+ community can be.

If you want to join the fun of making your own Pride sign, here are some of the most clever Pride parade sign ideas on the internet to inspire your own poster-making journey.

Love Is Too Beautiful To Be Hidden In The Closet 

This one has such an important message.

The Gay Agenda 

I love this this one, and I think it can be so fun to add your own twist on it too! For example, I would add brunch on Saturday! 

No Matter Who You Love, Make Sure Love Makes You Grow 

This one is so sweet, and such an important reminder! 

What A Difference A Gay Makes 

I am obsessed with this play on words! 

The Bible said Adam and Eve, so I did both

Yay for bi and pan pride!

Pride Is A Protest

Pride started as a protest — and for many, it still is.

Shade Never Made Anybody Less Gay 

This one is perfect for the Swifties!

Support Your Local Lesbian

You can change this one up to be about any identity.

Harry Potter Taught Us No One Deserves To Live In A Closet 

Here’s one for my fellow Harry Potter fans who want to reclaim the franchise for themselves.

Pride Starts From The Ground Up 

This one was made for a garden, but would be an awesome poster to bring to a parade with some cute plants and flowers painted on it! 

The Only Thing I’m Confused About Is Math 

Or insert any other subject here

Just A Little Fruity 

Feel free to decorate with your favorite fruits! 

Hit Like A Lesbian 


Replying to @hootyshouseofhomos hitting like a lesbian today!!! 🧡✨🌈🎶🥊 @Meet Me @ The Altar #oj #orangehair #pride

♬ Hit Like A Girl – Meet Me @ The Altar

Major bonus points if yours is as gorgeous as this one!

A Day Without Lesbians Is Like A Day Without Sunshine 

So true.

Smile If You’re Gay 

People all around will definitely be smiling if you put this phrase on a poster! 

The Future Is Queer


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