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These Clever Borg Names For Pop Culture Lovers Have Me Cackling

I love how Gen Zers (over 21, of course) are creative enough to make anything into a drinking game — even gallons of water. There’s a TikTok trend going around where people are making these drinks called Borgs to sip from at parties. As long as you’re drinking safely and over the legal drinking age, then maybe consider a Borg for your next fun event! It could be a good idea, since Borgs include added electrolytes, which can help with hangovers. And with a lid on your jug, it may help relieve some stress that germs won’t be spread and unknown substances can’t get in. 

For those of you who might not know what a Borg is (trust me, I didn’t know what this was until recently) it stands for “blackout rage gallon,” which isn’t the most appealing name, IMHO. To make your own Borg, you take a jug of water and add in some alcohol of your choice, electrolyte packages, and MiO liquid.  And your Borg isn’t complete without a name of its own!

This article is for those of you who love pop culture and might be looking for a good name for your Borg. Well lucky for you, I’ve got you covered. From artist names to songs to clever moments in pop culture, this should cover it all!

I woke up in a new borgatti

This one’s hilarious.

Bad and borgy

Cookin’ up Borg with an Uzi.

Certified Lover Borg

As someone from Canada, Drake is an essential.

Borg’s A liar pt. 2

Ice Spice? More like Ice Borg.

Borgy Mary

For you Wednesday fans.

Borg habit

Steve Lacy fans, rise!

Soulja Borg

Crank that Soulja Borg.


Can never go wrong with Fergie, right?

Playborg carti

I think this one is so clever.

Picture to borg

For all my Taylor Swift Debut fans.

Borgever & Always

This is my favorite song from Swift’s Fearless, so I love this name.

Other side of the borg

Another favorite, and classic word play.

Back to decemborg

Taylor Lautner should use this one.

Welcome to new borg

1989 fans, listen up!


Is evermore your favorite Swift album?

Borgan Freeman

Borgs on a plane.

Alix Borg

You know her, and you love her!

Da Borgby

Use the blue MiO in this Borg to match DaBaby on his Baby on Baby album.

Selena Borgmez

The queen of Rare Beauty deserves to be on this list.

Justin Bieborg

It’s only right.

Regina Borg

For all the Mean Girls fans.

Borgan Wallen

Get your cowboy hats out!

Borg Time Rush

The band is back and better than ever!

Jonas Borgs

The same with these guys. I loved the Jonas Brothers as a kid. (Still do now, I can’t lie!)

Borgbie World

In honor of the new Barbie movie coming out this July.

Borganic chemistry

For all my Chem majors.

Spongeborg Squarepants

Bikini Bottom? More like Borgini Bottom!

A hot new Borgshell enters the villa

A little Love Island, anyone?

Saturdays Are For The Borgs

Had to finish off with my favorite Borg name.

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