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14 Must-Have Products For Your Next Road Trip, According To College Students

It’s official: It’s time to be a spring breaker. While you’re brainstorming your spring break plans with your friends, you might have the urge to take a spontaneous road trip, but then you remember a road trip actually requires you to be stuck in the car for multiple hours on end. Listen, I get it. Something about being crammed in a seat while you’re arguing for the aux might not sound like your dream spring break.

However, core memories happen on road trips. The moments you drive with the windows down or stumble upon a town treasure in the middle of nowhere can’t be beaten. The heartwarming times when you and your friends play games during the long drive or come up with inside jokes that no one else in the world will get are things a plane ticket can’t buy. So, yes, the sound of a 15-hour drive to Nashville might sound daunting (and slightly annoying), but the destination and memories make it worthwhile. And, of course, there are road trip essentials to get you through the long-distance trip.

It wouldn’t be a road trip without some snacks or relaxing hobbies. Here are 14 products to bring on your next road trip, all recommended by some fellow college road trip-takers.

Everything But The Bagel Nut Duo ($4)

“If I could only buy one thing from Trader Joe’s for the rest of my life, this would have to be it. I’m obsessed with the Everything but the Bagel seasoning, and when it’s added to cashews and almonds, it’s 10/10. It’s the best thing ever, and that’s a fact.” — Alicia, 22, California State University Long Beach

Peppermint Essential Oil Stick ($28)

“I get carsick on long road trips, but putting this on my temples and neck really helps me with the nausea! I definitely couldn’t go anywhere without this.” — Sabrina, 19, Queen’s University

Neck Pillow ($11)

“This is usually something that people bring on planes, but this is always my go-to item for a road trip! I love the memory foam neck pillows. When you’re on a long car ride, you’ll be so grateful that you brought a neck pillow!” — Dani, 22, University of Rhode Island

First Aid Kit ($18)

“You never know if small accidents may occur while you’re on the road, and it’s better to come prepared in [the] event of an emergency. I typically get first aid kits that include antiseptic towelettes.” — Siobhan, 20, San Jose State University 

Airpods ($130)

“You can watch or listen to whatever you want to on your phone without annoying everyone else in the car. Personally, if I’m the one driving, I don’t want to be listening to your TikToks for the entire road trip.” — Colby, 21, Florida State University 

Portable Charger ($11)

“This keeps my battery full, so I can provide a map and listen to good music or a podcast of my choice.” — Emma, 19, University of Central Florida  

Audiobooks/Audible Subscription ($8+)

“Audiobooks are a must. I always need to have at least three downloaded before I start my drive. If I have a long drive ahead of me, I’ll need some entertainment. Since I’m a big reader, audiobooks are a convenient way to help me make progress on my Storygraph account.” — Jill, 22, Trinity College 

Aquaphor Lip Balm ($5)

“Whenever I’m on a road trip, my lips somehow always get chapped. It can be due to changes in the weather or environment. I always keep an Aquaphor chapstick on me because it’s super moisturizing and clear, so if you take naps, nothing smudges. It’s also super affordable and multi-purpose.” — Lauren, 19, Florida State University 

Mini Hand Sanitizer ($2)

“You never know when [one of these will] come in handy. Quite frankly, I’m always using my hand sanitizers when I’m on a plane, in an Uber, or anywhere where I don’t have direct access to a sink.” — McKinley, 21, East Carolina University 

Sunglasses ($16)

“Sunglasses protect your eyes when you’re napping or looking at the road in front of you, and, well… you look cool.” — Steven, 21, University of Central Florida 

Ginger Chews ($5)

“They help with motion sickness during a road trip.” — Mariana, 21, Florida International University

JBL Clip 3 Speaker ($50)

“Whether I’m hiking, exploring a new area, or having a night in with friends, this speaker is great for on-the-go music and always has great audio quality.” — Inica, 19, Barnard College

Combos Snacks ($15)

“No need to stop for food. Being able to drive straight through and not stop is essential. You don’t want any hangry people, either, so being able to munch on some snacks (preferably these) is a must.” — Mason, 21, University of Central Florida

Kin Euphorics Drink ($21)

“Long drives always give me anxiety, and these adaptogen drinks help soothe my mind more than anything! Not to mention, they’re absolutely delish.” — Kylie, 19, University of Colorado Boulder

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