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These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Take A Spontaneous Solo Trip

Wait, come back! Today, we’re talking about the zodiac signs most likely to take a spontaneous solo trip. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, Taryn Leigh Bond, a Tropical Astrologer who offers readings and teaches people how to read birth charts, shares which three signs are most likely to spontaneously take a solo trip.

Have you ever met those people who always seem to be traveling solo? Whether they’re swimming in crystal blue waters (in the middle of winter, mind you), hiking at a national park, or exploring a city halfway across the world, we always have to wonder, “How are they doing this by themselves?” While each person’s attitude toward traveling alone may differ, for some, it’s just in their nature.

Traveling alone can be a rewarding, but difficult, experience. Between all of the planning and hassles that traveling entails, taking a trip is stressful, and it’s even worse (for some) when doing it alone. However, some folks out there can simply pack up their bag and hit the road for an adventure at the drop of a hat. And, you know what? We love to see it.

Are you up for the adventure? Read on to find out which three zodiac signs are most likely to take a spontaneous solo trip:


This fire sign is known for its adventurous nature. With their go-with-the-flow attitude, combined with a thirst for spontaneity, you can easily find the Sagittarius in your life traveling solo impulsively.

Astrologer Taryn Bond tells Her Campus, “Ruled by Jupiter, planet of adventure, spontaneity, international travel, and luck, Sagittarius is always looking for in-the-moment excitement. They tend to see the world as their playground and don’t like to be weighed down by details or practicalities. If they’re inspired, they’re gonna go.”

So, don’t be surprised if you learn about a Sagittarius’ travels from their Instagram feed instead of a good ol’ fashioned phone call. Chances are, they planned that trip last night. Power to ya, Sagittarius!


Oh, Aquarius. You have always been known for your “along for the ride” vibes. That’s why we have zero doubt that, at some point in your life, you’ll plan a spontaneous solo trip. Even the planets agree!

“Aquarius is ruled by two planets. Saturn, planet of solitude and lessons learned through experience, and Uranus, planet of unexpected change and fearless progressive action towards the future,” says Bond. “Basically, they revel in doing something unexpected and are more than happy to do it alone. Many times, they actually prefer it this way.”

Don’t freak out if your Aquarius friend goes off the grid for an impulsive solo trip. Their spontaneous and chill nature can’t keep them tied down, and we love ’em for it!


Finally, if there’s spontaneity, there’s an Aries. This fire sign is known for its excitable and impulsive nature, making them the perfect candidate for an out-of-nowhere solo trip.

“As the baby of the zodiac, Aries is known for being fearless and completely in-the-moment,” Bond tells Her Campus. “As a cardinal fire sign (ruled by Mars), they are also known to be more than a little impulsive at times. Their enthusiastic, excitable approach to life will often have them out the door before they’ve even finished packing their bags.”

We can’t hear all of your crazy stories upon your return, Aries. Just be safe, all of you: I need your excitement in my life forever!

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