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The Best Movie Halloween Costumes for 2013

Whether we’re watching a futuristic sci-fi flick or a love saga set in the 1920s, movies always have the power to transport us to another world. While the cinematography and soundtrack definitely help set the scene, many characters’ costumes are so unique that they would make for perfect Halloween costumes, too! Unleash your inner movie buff this spooky season by dressing up as one of 2013’s iconic film characters.

1. The Minions from Despicable Me 2 

Deny it all you want, but we all know you saw the family flick with your friends this summer (and loved it). Since dressing up as Gru wouldn’t make for the cutest costume, spend Halloween as an adorable minion. This costume is as easy as pairing a pair of denim overalls with a yellow tee. Complete this look by tying your hair into a tight ponytail and adding a pair of round goggles. For this costume idea, the more people who join you, the merrier! Whether you rock this ensemble alone or dress up with your BFFs, this costume is easy, affordable and absolutely adorable.

2. Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby 

Dressing up as Daisy Buchanan will be a bona fide hit this Halloween. Instead of splurging on a fringe dress, pair a LBD with a pile of pearl necklaces, a pair of fishnets and a feathered headband. If you don’t have a flapper-inspired bob, a low bun (or a chignon, if you’re feeling extra creative) will do the trick. Even if you’re heading to a frat party instead of one of Gatsby’s soirees, your night will be as epic as The Great Fratsby

3. Nicki from The Bling Ring

Channeling your inner Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie is so 2006; however, you can give this costume idea an update by dressing up as a member of The Bling Ring. Dress like Nicki from the movie by sporting a faux fur vest, tight black pants and an outrageous pair of booties. As for the accessories, pile on the bling! If you’re looking for some inexpensive, glitzy jewels, stop by your local party store for some faux gems. Throw on a pair of large sunnies, carry around a large bag and you’ll look like you just stepped out of Paris Hilton’s closet.

4. Brit from Spring Breakers

Changing leaves and pumpkin spice lattes may be nice, but you’re probably missing those carefree days at the beach and your amazing tan. Though you can’t take a week off from school to lounge by an infinity pool, you can dress up as one of those salacious girls from Spring Breakers.

Be warned, collegiettes: this costume may leave you shivering on the way to frat row. Simply style a bathing suit with a pair of short shorts. We don’t want you to get pneumonia on your way to the big party, so add an oversized hoodie! Throw on a pair of sneakers and give your locks that beachy texture with some sea salt spray or gel. Perhaps you can even convince your best guy friend to dress up as Alien—because doesn’t every collegent secretly want to sport cornrows and grillz?


5. Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass 2

If you’re searching for an action-packed ensemble, look no further. Dressing up as Catwoman is so last year, so emulate Hit-Girl this season! Assembling this high-octane costume is as easy as sporting purple leggings and a purple long-sleeved shirt. But what’s a girl to do if she wants Hit-Girl’s purple mane, but doesn’t want to spend a pretty penny on a wig? Luckily, temporary hair dye is your new best friend—just make sure your roomie helps spray the back of your head. Finish this look with a black cape (aka a black sheet, if you can’t find an affordable cape) and mask. Collegiette by day, superhero by night—we like the sound of that!

6. Water Wizz Employee from The Way Way Back

Attention, all indie film fanatics: you can unleash your inner movie buff this Halloween without coming across as too mainstream. Luckily, this costume is as easy as coupling a Water Wizz shirt with a pair of jeans. Whether you decide to purchase a Water Wizz shirt or recreate the logo with fabric markers, we have a feeling this is probably one of the most comfortable Halloween costumes a girl could ask for. Since you’re supposed to be working at a water park, stick to natural makeup and simply tie your hair into a loose bun. For a comedic effect, add a pair of water wings to your ensemble. 

7. Barbara Sugarman from Don Jon

Doesn’t everyone dream of being Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s girlfriend? Though the chances of that actually happening are slim—it’s okay, collegiettes, we’ll get through this together—take this opportunity to dress up as the stud’s onscreen girlfriend, Barbara Sugarman. So what does it take to emulate this leading lady? Rock a bodycon dress, a leather jacket and a pair of platform pumps. Don’t want to splurge on a blonde wig? Simply curl the ends of your hair for that vixen look. For a finishing touch, coat your pout with the glossiest lip gloss you can get your hands on. Last but not least, have your beau (or gay BFF) dress up as Don Jon—it’s as easy as wearing a leather jacket, a white tank top and jeans. Maybe he’s not the JGL, but we’re sure he’s a great alternative! 

What are you going to be for Halloween? Sound off below! 

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