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8 Things That Are Only Acceptable in Your Sorority

Whether you’re a graduating senior or it’s your first year in a sorority, you know there are some things that only girls in Greek Life understand. Even though people on the outside might be mystified or think some of these things weird, you know you wouldn’t give these quirks up for the world. After all, they’re part of the sisterhood package! Here are 9 things that sorority sisters do ALL the time.

1. Reminding all of your sisters how hot they are on a daily basis (both on Facebook and in person).

2. Treating every photo op like a professional photoshoot for Vogue and striking your signature pose (which may or may not include the skinny arm and sorority squat).

3. Smothering someone (your little) with treats, presents and unconditional love after knowing her for only a week.

4. Being super cheesy when expressing love for a sister on her birthday.

5. Hardcore “girl flirting” and having your boyfriend understand that it’s not cheating (but he’s glad rush only happens twice a year!).

6. Acting like a crazy person when someone reciprocates a friendship (accepts a bid).

7. Calling someone close to your age your “mom” or your “baby.”

8. Thinking your sorority is the best just because you and your sisters say it so often.

It really is, though. 

Connie is a professional and creative writing major at Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently obsessed with pole fitness, pumpkin bread, and '80s fashion.
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