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8 Of The Craziest College Clubs

Have a love for quirkiness?  Not into joining your run-of-the-mill school paper or homecoming committee?  We once compiled a list of 15 crazy college clubs, but there’s plenty more craziness out there if you’re willing to look for it. From a murder mystery club to a pizza crust appreciation club, check out the wacky options that await you at schools all around the country!

Western Washington University – Foulplay: A Murder Mystery Club

Murder mysteries are no longer just for the detectives in books and movie—now you can become a sleuth too at Western Washington University!  The Foulplay club lets you act out your Sherlock fantasies by giving you the chance to play elaborate murder mystery games. At a game, you’re given a character book and have a few hours to figure out who the murderer is while cautiously interacting with your fellow friends—who may be your enemies!  According to the Foulplay Facebook page, “It’s to DIE for!”

Florida State University – The Flying High Circus

There are only two collegiate circuses in America, and FSU has one of them. Students make the costumes, put up the tent, produce the shows, and perform in all the acts!  According to their website, the Flying High Circus was created to help integrate men and women when the school became coed, which means it’s been empowering awesome collegiettes for years.

Kutztown University – The Medieval Renaissance Club

Sick and tired of the same-old same-old college lifestyle?  Wishing you could just go back to a time when things were simpler and people fought with swords?  Then you should head on over to Kutztown University, where the Medieval Renaissance Club hosts a Dinner Theater in the fall and a Renaissance Faire in the spring.  Their website also says you’re encouraged to learn skills from the time period “such as carpentry, weaving and chain mail.” Forget Facebook; stage combat sounds much more fun.

Tufts University – Free Compliments

Sometimes you feel best about yourself when you’re telling other people what you like about them.  That’s what the Tufts Free Compliments club is all about—just letting people know what’s great about them to brighten up their day!  Members stand outside a building on campus with signs that say “Free compliments” and shout niceties at anyone who walks by.  In a Her Campus Tufts article on the group, one of the members said that they “compliment everyone that walks past, regardless of age, gender, race, whether they have headphones on, whether they are on the phone, whether they are walking and talking with a group, etc.” Sounds like the perfect way to make your day while also making someone else’s!


Western Michigan University – Dignified Educated United Crust Eaters Society

The Dignified Educated United Crust Eaters Society, or DEUCES, was created at Western Michigan University to “bring a stop to the discrimination of crust,” according to its website.  Born from a friendly argument over the best part of a slice of pizza, the group is a social club devoted to eating crust and making sure it “gets the appreciation it deserves.” Sounds laidback and delicious—a perfect combination!

Occidental College – I <3 Good Sex Club

This is a club at Occidental College that deals with the attitude toward sex on campus. Kristin, one of the founders of the club at Oxy, says the club “is trying to open up a conversation about sex on our college campus. We want to positively influence the hookup culture on our campus as to make talking about what makes our experiences great instead of keeping them taboo.” The club’s future includes speakers and meetings focused on different sex topics. 

University of Colorado Boulder – Slacklining Club

Slacklining is a sport involving stringing a loose piece of nylon between two trees and walking along it.  That in itself is pretty cool, but if you like your unusual sports with a side of philanthropy, the club at UC-Boulder but also raises money to restore rainforests in Brazil through an annual competition called “Slacklining for Trees.”  They also sell pieces of protective equipment called “treehuggers,” which provide a barrier between the tree and the slackline and make the sport environmentally friendly.

Northern Michigan University – The Tree Musketeers

Have you always watched Tarzan with envy, wishing that you too could fly through the jungle just by grabbing on to tree branches (I know I have)?  Well, there’s a club for you in the Tree Musketeers Club at Northern Michigan University.  According to their page on NMU’s website, the Musketeers use meetings to “discuss technique as well as vote on locations for future adventures.” Whatever that means, it sounds awesome.

These clubs are pretty crazy, but there are a lot more wacky, quirky and interesting clubs out there.  Comment with the clubs we missed from your school!

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