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19 Sorority Crafts to Make This Summer, by Category

Whether you’re getting ready to take your first little, your big is turning 21 or you just want to spread the sisterly love, the summer is the perfect time to get crafty! We rounded up the cutest DIY sorority gifts you can make right now, from picture frames to wine glasses.


Candy Letter

Candy letters are a classic of big-little week and the perfect way to tell your little how much you love her, without revealing yourself. If you need help creating your letter, you can follow these tips.

Two Truths & A Lie

Confuse your little with a good ol’ game of two truths and a lie! We love the idea of rolling up your clues and tying them with a ribbon.


Sparkly Letters

All you need to make these cute letters is some Mod Podge and a little glitter. You can find the full instructions here.

Floral Letters

These adorable letters are so easy to make and SO cute. Make them for your sorority letters or your sister’s name—they’re great either way!


State Pride Canvas

Flaunt how much you love your state with this personalized canvas!

Lilly Pulitzer Print Canvas

Love Lilly prints? You’re in luck! You can totally paint this iconic flower pattern, thanks to these 10 easy steps. Make your canvas extra personal with your sorority’s letters or your favorite quote!

Quote Canvas

There are so many inspiring sorority canvases on Pinterest and Tumblr, but how do they look so professional? It’s actually much easier than you think, if you follow one of these tracing techniques.

Photo Frames

Lilly Pulitzer Frame

It’s true—sorority girls love Lilly. If the canvas wasn’t enough for your preppy side, learn how to paint this super impressive pattern!

Instagram Frame

If you’re skilled with a paintbrush, free-hand this awesome Instagram frame!

Word Art Frame

Express your inner poet by painting a frame a plain color and writing cute messages across it with a paint pen.

Pin Boxes

Embellished Pin Box

You can get super creative with a pin box. Try decorating it with a Sharpie and fixing the embellishments of your choice to it with Krazy Glue!

Pearls & Letters Pin Box

A great alternative to wooden letters is to paint yours on the box directly. Bonus points if you line it with rhinestones or fake pearls.

Wine Glasses

Glitter Wine Glass

Mod Podge is a girl’s best friend. Use the sticky stuff to glam up a wine glass or two. See this blog for more details.

Greek Letter Wine Glass

You can paint any message or picture your heart desires on a wine glass. These instructions are all you need to get started.

Lineage Wine Glasses

Use the technique above to achieve these glasses for your sorority fam, or free-hand them if you feel comfortable doing so!

Big-Little Baskets

Painted Cooler

If you have a little more time on your hands, why not make a sorority cooler your next project? It will make a great gift for a fall tailgate, or you can use it to present your little’s gifts! Check out this awesome step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect design.

Personalized Crate

A crate is a much simpler, yet super cute way to display gifts for big-little week. Simply paint a wooden crate any way you want and fix wooden letters to it!


You can make any paddle you want with this guide. To get you started, we chose a couple of our favorite designs.

Photo Paddle

We love the simple candy stripes on this paddle, and a photo makes the perfect finishing touch!

Daisy Paddle

We’re obsessed with these letters on daisy petals!

What will be your next crafting project, Greek collegiettes?

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