DIY: Lilly Pulitzer Flowers in 10 Easy Steps!

Hello ladies! Today I will be teaching you how to paint the famous Lilly Pulitzer-style flowers in just ten steps.

For this project you will need the following things:

1.    Solid workspace, covered with newspaper or anything that will protect your surface from paint stains!

2.    Various sizes of paint brushes

3.    Paper towels for wet paint brushes

4.    Cup of water for used paint brushes

5.    Paint palette

6.    Blank canvas (any size) or surface you wish to paint on

7.    Paint color of your choice for the background

8.    Paint color of your choice for the flowers

9.    White paint

Step one: Before you start your painting, place newspaper on top of your surface to prevent your paint from getting on it!

Step two: Paint your canvas a solid color with a large brush (you may need to paint a second coat).

Step three: Add a squirt of your flower paint to 3-4 holes on your paint pallet.

Step four: To your 3-4 drops of paint in your pallet, add white paint to each, increasing your amount on each one. Mix these colors together and you will have three different hues.

Step five: With a medium sized brush, and your darkest shade of flower paint, make 3-4 arch shapes in a circle. Do this all around your canvas— they will be the bases of each of your flowers.

Step six: Fill in the bases of your new flowers with the same shade of paint.

Step seven:  With a small paintbrush, and your next hue of flower paint, add swipes and arches around your flower.

Step eight: Repeat step seven with different hues of your flower paint.

Step nine: Apply step 7-8 to all other flowers, and your canvas should look like this.


Step ten (optional): With a small paint brush and green paint, paint a rounded triangle on each of your flowers, and fill them in. Add swipes of a lighter shade of green similar to step seven.

Ta-da! Your canvas should end up looking like this! For extra, add a quote or your name like these variations of this canvas below!