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17 Things Only Students Without a Car on Campus Understand

Most of the time, not having a car on campus isn’t a big deal; your classes are fairly close to each other, you don’t mind walking and you can use public transportation. But in some situations, not having a car is frustrating, and if your college town doesn’t have a good public transportation system, not having a car can be even more of a challenge. 

1. Your daily experience of getting to class looks something like this:

When you don’t have a car, cars are the enemy. 

2. You rarely pass up the opportunity to get a ride from someone.

You didn’t really plan on going shopping today, but hey, why not?

3. When it’s raining and your friends are too busy to give you a ride, you try to play it cool.

Look, you understand that your friends are busy, but don’t they understand that it’s raining and you have to walk home???

4. Your desire to take the bus depends on the mood you’re in.

Sometimes it’s convenient and relaxing. That is, if taking a bus is even an option in your town.

5. But if it’s crowded and you just need your space, forget it—you’ll walk.

A lot of the time, especially if the buses near your university aren’t very convenient, you would just rather walk. 

6. Unfortunately, you’ve probably been catcalled walking home from class.

Because apparently you can’t be a woman walking down the street without someone shouting at you. Ugh. 

7. When you do get to ride in or drive a car, you feel like the coolest person in the world even though many people on campus drive cars on a daily basis.

You appreciate cars so much more now, but you’ve also learned that you don’t really need one to get around a lot of the time. You make it work.

8. Since you walk almost everywhere, you often convince yourself that you don’t need any additional exercise. 

You already walked 10 miles today, so skipping your cycling class totally makes sense, right?

9. Sometimes you feel super confident and walk around like your campus is your runway.

Hello world—the queen is on her way to class. 

10. But sometimes you’re even less motivated to go to class because of the weather or the time it takes to get there.

Class is a land far, far away, and sometimes the long journey doesn’t seem like it’s worth it.

11. At least you never have to worry about finding a parking spot.

You’ll never be that student who’s always late because she couldn’t find a parking spot.

12. You’ve become quite the pro when it comes to walking places, and your tolerance for slow walkers is at an all-time low.

How is walking that slow even possible?!

13. The time you go grocery shopping is dependent on when your friends or roommates go grocery shopping.

Even if you can walk to the grocery store, carrying all your groceries home isn’t exactly convenient. 

14. Sometimes you spend 15+ minutes walking to meetings or events that only last 15 minutes. 

You’ve only been sitting there for 15 minutes and then the person leading the meeting says it’s over. Seriously?

15. And sometimes, you walk all the way to class to find out it was canceled. 

Look, it seems like your professor could’ve sent out this email before you left your apartment and walked through a thunderstorm to get here. 

16. Whenever people suggest meeting somewhere far from where you live, you have to awkwardly ask for a ride. 

Um, hey, does anyone have any extra space in their car?

 17. You’re more or less okay with not having a car until…

Getting to class in the winter is a whole different struggle. 

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