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Greek life is the perfect way to meet all kinds of new people, especially within your sorority. In fact, we guarantee you’ve come across these 16 types of sorority girls.

1. The Preppy Sorority Girl

She is the typical sorority stereotype, but you totally love her for that. She is always sporting Lilly Pulitzer, J. Crew, Vineyard Vines or a combo of all three, and she makes it look fab.

2. The Legacy

Her sister, mother or grandmother was in this sorority, and she could not be more proud of it. She is even more enthusiastic than the rest of her new member class, and it doesn’t hurt that she is absolutely adorable.

3. The Party Animal

She spends every weekend at the poppin’ parties, and honestly, you don’t know how she keeps up with it all. If you need to know the best party to go to on any given night, she is definitely the sister to ask.

4. The Mama Bear

She takes responsibility for younger sisters or sisters who need guidance, and everybody turns to her for advice. She might only have two littles, but basically, every girl is her little, you know?

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5. The Little Collector

Whether she wanted a big family from the start or only planned on taking one little, she has earned the title of “the little collector.” She has triplets, at least two g-littles and a gg-little. And—surprise!—she can’t wait to meet her ggg-little.

6. The Gym Junkie

She is always at the gym and makes you feel guilty about laying in bed, scarfing down a pepperoni Hot Pocket—which is the only physical activity you’ve done all day. Besides having a killer bod, she has an even better attitude; she is #goals all around.

7. The Grandma

She never goes to socials and can usually be found in her room crafting, eating and watching HGTV. Odds are if you can’t find her at formal, she’s hiding in her bed.

8. The Alternative Sorority Girl

She has at least three piercings, a wardrobe that is almost all black, the coolest hair color EVER and is unfazed by others’ opinions. She is fierce and fab, and that is just one of the reasons why you love her. Also, her Insta game is always on point, and her outfits are on fleek.

9. The Super Smart Cookie

She might as well move into the library because that’s where she spends the majority of her time. She is probably your scholarship chairwoman… or at least on the committee. You can always count on this sister to monitor your study hours.

10. The Dude

She is always hanging out with her favorite fraternity and is already their sweetheart. When you’re with this sister, you can let your inner dude out, and if you need somebody to eat wings and watch football with, you know she is always down.  

11. The Busy Bee

Of course your big is your role model, but this sister is a close second. She has an exec position, an exec position in another huge organization on campus and a part-time job. She’s also super involved with philanthropy and is building up her resume. And somehow, she manages to stay sane.

12. The Sporty Sister

She participates in volleyball, flag football, softball and any other sport your sorority is involved in. Whether you’re playing right alongside her or cheering from the sidelines, she appreciates the support.

13. The Freshman

Everything she owns has her letters on it, including her schoolbag, keychain, shirts, cups and pens. She always boasts about her sorority with a twinkle in her eye and gets involved with a leadership position as soon as possible.

14. The Senior

She has fully adapted to the senior uniform of an event tee and norts. This sister always has coffee in her hand and is just trying to graduate. She spends her nights crying because she realizes that this is her last year; she’s not ready to adult yet or leave her sisters to do so.

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15. The Standards Keeper

She is loved and adored as a sister but sometimes disliked as the standards chairwoman. Nobody likes being the person required to tell a sister that her picture certainly was not appropriate for social media or that her Snap story is trashy and needs to be removed immediately. But somebody has to do it and she does it with love. Plus, without her PR skills, the chapter would be in shambles.

16. The President

She is actually Superwoman and is always running around with a million things on her to-do list. You have no idea how she does it, all while maintaining a balance of friendliness and sternness. Let’s face it, the chapter would be nothing without Prez. 

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