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15 Things You Say You’ll Stop Doing But Keep Doing Anyway

As college students we tend to have a lot going on all the time, and we can’t always keep it together. It isn’t easy balancing all of our responsibilities, and we often slip up a little… okay, a lot. But don’t worry—we can guarantee you aren’t as alone as you think. Here are 15 things we ALL say we’re going to stop doing but we keep doing anyway. Here’s to never kicking bad habits!

1. Skipping workouts

We hear feeling guilty burns a lot of calories.

2. Procrastinating

Why do now what you can not do now?

3. Staying up into the wee hours of the morning

He said it.

4. Setting your alarm and then hitting the snooze button 1,000+ times


5. Sleeping through your morning classes

So do we, Rory. So do we.

6. Making up fake excuses to get out of plans

Bed > socializing. Every time.

7. Wearing the same pair of leggings all week

No judgment here.

8. Spending all your money on food

Food is a neccessity.

9. Spending all your money on clothing

Theme parties require a lot of unanticipated shopping sprees.

10. Spending all your money on everything except the things you actually need

Guilty as charged.

11. Eating the same meal five days in a row

Cereal is just so easy.

12. Forgetting your friends’ birthdays

Maybe next year??

13. Scrolling through Facebook in class

You’ll regret this one. 

14. Going out the night before an exam

Yes, you do girl.

15. Binge-watching the same Netflix show for hours


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Paige Herer

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Paige Herer is a junior at Penn State. She is majoring in public relations and political science with a minor in international studies with hopes of pursuing a a career in PR after graduation. Her business aspirations include but are not limited to becoming Olivia Pope. She has a passion for reading, drinking coffee, long car rides, and scrolling through online blogs for hours. When Paige isn't being ridiculously productive you can find her walking aimlessly around campus trying to figure out how to operate her DSLR camera, or in her tiny dorm room marathoning any and every John Hughes movie.
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