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15 Things Only People Who Can’t Fall Asleep Will Understand

Staying up all night was cool when you were 16. Now, you’re in your 20’s and all you want to do is sleep — but you can’t.

1. The debate on whether it’s too early to eat breakfast or not

(Just for the record, it’s never too early.)

2. Trying to find something good to watch on TV

You’re all too familiar with the weird infomercials about miracle water and the shampoo that can supposedly grow your hair 3 inches in one month. Thank God they invented streaming…

3. Having no one answer your texts

So you’re left to laugh at Vines and memes silently by yourself.

4. The struggle of trying to get something to eat while everyone is sleeping

It’s 10x harder to be quiet when you’re actually trying to be.

5. Asking Google how to fall asleep

Google’s supposed to have all the answers, right?

6. Trying to figure out how to lucid dream

Might as well do some research while you’re up…

7. Stressing about the future

How do you buy a house? What if I never find a full-time job? If my future spouse is hooking up with someone right now, I’ll kill them…

8. Reflecting on the day

Was he laughing at me because I was being funny or because I’m weird and he didn’t know what else to say?

9. Becoming an overnight philosopher

What better time is there to contemplate the meaning of life?

10. Hearing strange noises at 3 AM

Is it a burglar? Have the aliens finally landed on Earth? Is witching hour actually real? Either way, you’ve got your baseball bat and pepper spray at the ready.

11. The days start to mesh together

Was that yesterday? Or today? Or two days ago? What did you even do two days ago?

12. You’re known for answering emails with a 4 AM time stamp

At this point, your professor has expressed some concern.

13. When you finally fall asleep, it’s at the worst times

During lecture, just before you’re supposed to meet up with a friend, before a dermatologist appointment that you’ve been waiting months for… the list goes on and on.

14. Trying to decide when a good time to brush your teeth is

Because you know you’re only going to eat again in 5 minutes anyway.

15. Tired is a permanent mood

You’re always tired. You can see it in the way you walk and in the way you speak. Tiredness is apart of who you are.

Brianne is a junior at Ryerson University located in Toronto, Canada. Majoring in the Creative Industries, Brianne specializes in business, fashion and journalism. Brianne loves singing, tea, all things bridal, making greeting cards, writing creatively, reading Wattpad stories, and TV! She hopes that her future career will involve making people smile and an abundance of travel. To keep up with Brianne, feel free to follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @briannealanna, and check out her website: http://briannealanna.com