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15 Quotes to Put On Your Graduation Cap

Graduation is a time filled with both excitement and nervousness. Maybe you’ve had a post-college job lined up for a while, or maybe you still have no idea what it is you want to do with your life. (Side note: Not having a job lined up for you when coming out of college isn’t the worst thing in the world!) Either way, now is the time to celebrate your past four years in college—and what better way to do that than tell everybody how you really feel? Check out these 15 quotes below—and make a statement with them on your graduation cap!

1. “Dream the impossible. Seek the unknown. Achieve greatness.”

Calling all free-spirited collegiettes! This quote captures your unconventional approach to life, and proves that the path to success can be as unique as you are!

2. “Just did it.”

If you spent your college years killing it on the soccer field, this one’s for you—not only did you conquer all your competition, you also won at college!

3. “About time.”

You might already feel nostalgic for your college days, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t excited to get on with the rest of your life. This quote show everyone that you are ready to kick some major butt in the real world

4. “Adventure is out there.”

Are you an adventure-seeker about to embark on an awesome trip abroad after graduation? If you’re more interested in exploring the world than you are settling down in a cubicle for a standard 9-to-5, this quote’s for you.

5. “Thanks Mom and Dad, and coffee.”

Your parents may have kept you sane (or at least tried to!) during the past four years… but it was coffee that kept you awake long enough to write all those papers.

6. “Game of loans.”

Maybe, just maybe, if we can get HBO to pick up this new take on Game of Thrones, we’ll be able to pay off those student loans…

7. “Never grow up.”

…because who wants to be a real adult, anyway?

8. Classic name

Show off your personality and make sure nobody forgets who you are by decorating your cap with your name, plus any colors and accessories that illustrate exactly who you are!

9. “She doesn’t even go here anymore.”

You’ve spent your entire college career quoting Mean Girls. Why not finish it off the same way with an iconic quote

10. “The best is yet to come.”

While we have no doubt that college makes up some of the best years of our lives, and even though the prospect of the real world kind of scares us (what’s a life without cereal for dinner and leggings all day every day?!), we totally know that our future is what we make it—and we plan on making it good.

11. “Mischief managed.”

The amount of trouble you and your friends got into gave you the best memories, and it’s hard for you to think how you passed school. But, the point is, you did!

12. Sorority letters

It’s practically your duty to rep your houses one last time, and graduation is the perfect place to do it. Tip: finish it off with a bold Lilly print!

13. “I know I wined a lot but I did it.”

Not to be confused with “whine” (though we’re sure we ALL did plenty of that). Wine becomes a girl’s best friend in college, so why not bring it along to graduation?

14. “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Graduating college opens the door to an exciting future, and if you’re feeling inspirational, go with a quote that’ll have you working to achieve even your biggest dreams.

15. “Hire me.”

So, you haven’t landed your dream job yet… which means every public appearance is essentially an opportunity to network, right? Might as well let your peers, their parents, school administrators, and everybody else who shows up to your graduation that you are totally available for hire!

No matter what cap you choose, be proud of all you have done to get to this day! Reflect on the amount of work you’ve had to endure to get there and be ready to immerse yourself into the real world… maybe with a funny quote to get you started.

I'm not your average lazy college student, unless it's a weekday or the weekend.  I'm a freshman at Michigan State University majoring in Professional Writing. I'm a writer, social media addict, lover of puppies, coffee, traveling, and brunch food. You can follow my life on Twitter: @brebrill or Instagram: @brebrill (creative, I know). 
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