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The 15 Most Tragic Experiences We Have in College, as told by ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

As Grey’s Anatomy addicts, we seemingly find ways to relate the show to any given aspect of our lives. If you ignore the crazy high amount of deaths that occur on the show (given, it does take place in a hospital), Grey’s is actually a lot like the life of a college student. Just think of Joe’s Bar as a frat party, the on-call room as a college dorm room and the hospital as a school, and you will shortly realize that the drama the doctors go through in each episode is actually an accurate depiction of your life.  

1. When your professors say they might curve the exam grades and then end up not doing it  

We’ve all been a victim of this. As seemingly hopeless college students, we tend to cling onto any chance we have at succeeding. Any person who dares take that away from us may as well just never show their face on campus again.

2. Claiming that you’re “dropping out of college” at least ten times a day

We college students can only handle so much pressure and stress before we finally just gain an “I don’t care” attitude towards any situation that might be the least bit overwhelming.

3. Checking your grades  

Need we say more? #tragic

4. Making awkward eye contact with a guy you met on Tinder while walking to class

If you claim this hasn’t happened to you, we’re calling your bluff. And if this really hasn’t happened to you yet, trust us, it will. Be ready to make an on-the-spot decision of whether to acknowledge him or pretend you didn’t see him (even though both of you know you did). Either way, it’s very uncomfortable.

5. Being the only sober one among all of your drunk friends

This one speaks for itself. You never realize how annoying drunk people are until you aren’t one of them.  

6. Then having to babysit them all night long

Every college student’s favorite thing to do, right?

7. When your parents drive away after dropping you back off at school

We would be lying if we said a part of us doesn’t have to resist going home every weekend. Even though your campus ultimately becomes your new home, it’s always refreshing to have a nice, stress-relieving weekend in your hometown with your family. However, the second their car drives away, you know it’s time to snap back into the harsh reality of schoolwork. *sheds a tear*

8. Realizing how much homework you have but proceeding to watch an entire season of television on Netflix regardless

They say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. However, we are fully aware of our terrible prioritizing skills, yet we proceed to put our lives on hold to turn ourselves into living Chipotle burritos in piles of blankets and watch disgusting amounts of Netflix without moving for hours.

9. When you realize that your parents really did always have your best interest in mind

We grow up thinking of our parents as the bad guys and often think they are being too strict or “ruining our lives.” But when we get to college and finally get a glimpse of what it’s like to be an adult, we realize how relevant all of their advice truly was. Even after our bitchy teenage years, our parents still love us, and in college we realize how much of a support system they truly are. While in school you will have some of the most stressful and also some of the most fun times of your life, depending on what you make of it. But having your number one fans constantly supporting you will make the bad times good and the good times even better.

10. Having at least 12 mental breakdowns a day for absolutely no reason

Sometimes you just need to cry into your pillow for an hour and then inhale an entire tub of ice cream. Don’t ask us why; it just feels right.

11. “Netflix and chill” is very much a real thing

It wasn’t until college that we realized how big of a thing this truly is. We would be lying if we said we weren’t slightly ashamed to be part of the “Netflix and chill” generation. If a boy goes out of his way to ask you on a real date in college, consider it a huge deal.

12. When you walk into a party and see the guy you like all over another girl

Behold: the moment we all dread. This is not a situation that can be dealt with easily, but as long as you have some tequila, everything will be all right in the end (even if you don’t remember it). After all, YOU ARE THE SUN, AND HE CAN GO SUCK IT!

13. When you and your friends realize you literally have no clue what you’re doing with your life

College can be just one big cycle of waking up every day and questioning why you even went to college in the first place. Going into college, you think it’s all about figuring out what you want to do in life, but in all honesty, we just get more confused by the day.

14. Having to keep track of which of your friends actually made it home…

…and which ones got too drunk to remember where they live.

15. When you know you have to be productive so you stay in for the night and watch all of your friends go out

As hard as it is, we all have those nights where we need to stay in and get caught up on schoolwork. There is nothing more heartbreaking than sitting in a room full of people who are getting ready and having to resist the temptation to go out. In the end, it only makes us stronger.

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