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14 Signs You Have Literally No Idea What You’re Doing With Your Life

Admit it: you have no idea what’s going on and it’s totally OK for now, but plan to get yourself together. It needs to happen at some point. Until then, just keep doing you, boo boo! Live for the moment and continue to binge watch Netflix. 

1. The question “Where do you see yourself in five years?” is getting to be really important, but you have no idea what you’re even going to do for dinner.

2. “Financial stability” means being able to fill up your gas tank all the way.

3. You like to live in the moment rather than plan ahead.

4. Thinking about your friend’s engagement stresses the fuck out of you.

5. You’ve been in a rather long, committed relationship…with Netflix. You’d rather binge watch a show over anything else.

6. You have started to second guess everything—your major, your job, life.

7. You spend money faster than you make it.

8. You’ve perfected the art of self pity.

9. Everyone seems to have their lives together except you.

10. You finally realized that high school and college did not prepare you for anything.

11. You use the phrase “I’m so over it” at least once a week.

12. You still have to call your mom needing help with basically everything.

13. You have no idea how anyone can have a successful relationship.

14. You think everyone else is in the same boat as you.

Aleixka has a B.A. in Media Arts and Design and a minor in Spanish from James Madison University. She loves all things books, traveling, food, and photography.
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