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13 Things You Won’t Get Away with After College

Let's be real: As college kids, we get away with WAY more than we really should. Although we're considered adults, we share more than a few habits with toddlers. Excessive napping, eating sugar at every given chance, hardly able to take care of oneself... Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, all of this will come to an end after graduation. Yes, this means that gone will be the days of using, "YOLO," and, "Whatever, we're in college," as excuses. You know what this means: Enjoy each of these irresponsible life choices while you can. Here are 15 sacred things you won't get away with much longer:

1. Turning off your alarm in the morning so you can sleep until noon.

Skip class = Who cares? Skip work = Fired.

2. Taking your laundry home for your mom to do.

Note to self: She will probably say no.

3. Shacking up at your hookup's place on a weeknight because you're too tired to go home.

*Shows up to work in the same outfit as yesterday hoping no one will notice*

4. Not knowing or caring about where you stand with a hookup (or multiple hookups.)

That whole ghosting thing? Not as successful when you share mutual work friends who will call you out.

5. Knowing absolutely nothing about personal finances.

Get ready for nightmares featuring things like "investment" and "taxes."

6. Not being able to cook a single meal.

If you have a real-person job and can only make mac and cheese and cereal, we have a problem.

7. Day drinking.

Showing up to midday brunch drunk and showing up to work drunk are two VERY different things.

8. Drunk-eating pizza every weekend at 2 a.m. with no repercussions.

Eventually it starts to show... and it stays.

9. Drinking all night and being able to be "productive" the next day.

Hangovers are hell in the real world.

10. Spontaneously leaving for a long-weekend trip.

Unless you're asking to get fired, you can't exactly just disappear for four days.

11. Having no plans whatsoever for the future.

If the only thing you know about the next year is what you're having for dinner tonight, you might be in trouble.

12. Spending money you know you should be saving because it's really your parents'.

Goodbye, whenever-you-want-them manicures...

13. Forgetting all of your responsibilities to binge-watch Netflix for a day.


Lauren is a third year student at the University of Texas at Austin. At school, you can find her studying communications and marketing - but she firmly believes that the most important part of studying is a Beyoncé-themed dance break. She has a passion for human rights and always enjoys volunteer work or a good conversation about the feminist movement. She's also a pop culture junkie to a fault, which often results in her words spilling out faster than the dialogue of Gilmore Girls. When she's not writing, Lauren is usually watching Sex and the City re-runs or daydreaming in the home section of Anthropologie.
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