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Summer is finally here! Time for beach, boys, bathing suits and endless days of freedom from the headache that is school and cold weather. But for all the wonderful things we love about summer, there are others that we’re not so fond of. Here are all the pros and cons of summer.

Pro: Your toes are finally thawing out and you now remember what sunshine feels like! Sweet, sweet sunshine!

Con: Dear God, is this a walk through the park or the deepest pit of hell? You didn’t even realize it was physically possible to sweat this much.

Pro: School’s out, legs up and you’ve got nothing to do…

Con: There is literally nothing to do. You’re semi-considering taking up knitting just ’cause.

Pro: Nothing feels better than laying out and basking in the sun rays…

Con: You haven’t seen the inside of a gym in longer than you can remember, and you’re genuinely concerned that someone may mistake you for a beached whale.

Pro: Nothing is more entertaining than people watching at the beach.

Con: There is a good chance you are also being people-watched… AKA someone just saw you pick your bikini wedgie.

Pro: The food. Oh my God, the food! Corn on the cob, seafood, ice cream, need we go on?

Con: Is it inappropriate to eat soup? Because you kind of miss soup. But soup makes you sweat now. Oh the bittersweetness of warm food in summer.

Pro: Summer vacations!!!

Con: A 6-hour car ride is long. A 6-hour car ride with your family is longer.

Pro: Salt water does wonders for your hair.

Con: Humidity does not.

Pro: You can finally work on that sun-kissed skin you’ve been waiting for all year.

Con: There is a thin line between “sun-kissed” and “absolutely fried by the sun’s evil rays.”

Pro: There’s something beautiful about the soothing soundtrack of grasshoppers on a summer night.

Con: Not so beautiful, those grasshoppers’ friends: bees, wasps, mosquitos, cicadas.

Pro: You can finally break out the flip-flops and jean shorts.

Con: Chafing. Lots of chafing.

Pro: You’ve waited so long and summer has finally come.

Con: The next thing you know it’s over.

Hi! I'm Sarah and I'm a senior at Penn State University majoring in Print Journalism with minors in English and Sociology. The only thing I love more than writing is cheese... and hot dogs... and Netflix... and boys who are good at winking. I am a huge John Mayer fan, I refuse to wear a bra if I don't have to, and I'm essentially an insomniac who takes sporadic naps. I am addicted to filling up my cart online shopping and then realizing I am a broke college student and closing out the page. My greatest talent in life is being able to say all 50 states in alphabetical in under 20 seconds... my parents are very proud of me, as you can imagine. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] hit me up on the Twitter-sphere https://twitter.com/DizzyyyDesi (sometimes I'm funny)
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