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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Washi Tape

It seems like we can never run out of uses for washi tape. From creating crafts to organizing office spaces, washi tape is the quintessential utensil in any artist or decorator’s tool belt. But it doesn’t stop there. Washi tape is also perfect for the collegiette on a budget, making it easy to embellish your living space or keep track of all of your school supplies.

1. Cord Organizers

With all of our phone chargers, laptop/tablet chargers, desk lamp cords and who knows what else, our dorm outlets can get pretty congested. Thankfully, with just a few inches of your favorite-patterned washi tape, sifting through the cord jungle is no longer scary.

2. Jewelry Tree

With just washi tape and thumbtacks, this simple tree design creates a fun wall ornament while keeping all of your necklaces, bracelets and other trinkets from tangling together.

3. Picture Frames

Forget those $20 wood or metal picture frames! Celebrate your friends and family by creating a wall-space photo collage with these adorable washi tape picture frame designs.

4. Keyboard Flair

Who says you can only decorate the outside of your laptop or tablet? Admittedly, this is one of the more time-consuming projects, but the washi tape keyboard tiles will not only style your type space but protect it from dust, dirt and food.

5. Window Blinds

When you first move into your dorm room, the blinding white walls and furnishings can give you a headache. Add a pop of color by incorporating stripes of washi tape to your window blinds. It’s sure to be a pleasant view when waking up in the morning.

6. Notebook Covers

Not only will washi tape add some pizzazz to your cheap class notebooks, but you can personalize each notebook pattern to color-coordinate your supplies by class.

7. Lamp Shades

Give a yard sale lampshade a makeover by sprucing up the inside or outside with washi tape patterns and colors. You can even screw in a colored light bulb to add a dramatic flair.

8. Wall Designs

This is an ingenious decorating life hack great for any collegiette living space. The possibilities are endless when fashioning funky wall designs. Some of our favorites include fake windows, cityscapes and abstract door designs.

9. Phone Cases

Who needs an expensive phone case that you could find in any department store? Show off your originality by creating your own washi tape phone pattern. Your phone will stand out from the rest and you’ll always be able to locate it at a party.

10. Wall Calendar

Another fabulous way to save money and keep yourself organized is by constructing a washi tape wall calendar in your room. You can create rows and numbers for every month and place sticky note reminders on specific days. Genius!

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Emme Raus is studying for her B.F.A. in writing with a minor in creative writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She studies at the SCAD Atlanta campus and loves her dog Jerry.
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