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These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Camp Out At A Music Festival

Are you ready to rock? Today, we’re talking about the zodiac signs most likely to camp out at a music festival this summer. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, astrologer Linda Furiate shares which three signs are most likely to ditch the hotels, and opt for the music festival camping experience this season.

It’s festival season, babes. And along with listening to your favorite artists, dressing up in your Instagram-worthy ‘fit, and dancing the nights (and days) away, there’s another part of the music festival experience that is essential: your weekend lodging situation, of course!

While some opt for a luxury Airbnb or stay in with a friend close to the event, there are some people who are down for a more adventurous approach. Whether they’re renting an RV, staying in a cool van, or simply pitching a tent, these zodiac signs are all-in for the modern-Woodstock experience.

Down for an adventure? Keep reading to see the three signs most likely to camp out at a music festival this summer:


Firey, impulsive, and ready for action, Aries welcomes adventure with open arms. And when it comes to a music festival, you can count on them to do whatever it takes to make it a weekend to remember.

“Aries is into doing anything once that is novel and fun,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “With their fiery spirit Aries may have the staying power to outlast anyone, if not, just for the bragging rights.”

Aries desire to camp out at a music festival is more than just their lust for an adventurous experience: “What is even more exciting to an Aries is the idea and opportunity to listen to a newly discovered band or musical artist. How cool is it to say that they were first to hear all this fabulous new music,” says Furiate. We can’t wait to hear that fire festival playlist, Aries!


The stereotypical “hippie” of the zodiac, it’s no surprise to see this Earth sign on the list. Laid-back and always down for a good time, Taurus will go with the flow for all of your festival plans, especially if they include camping.

By camping, these Venus-ruled babes will be closer to the music all weekend long: “Taurus is all about sensuality. The music vibe is in tune with Taurus’ desire to feel the groove that pulsates through their body, never wanting it to end.”

At a festival, you can find Taurus groovin’ all weekend long: “Throw in a hit of weed or two (or more) and Taurus will plant themselves in front of the stage until the last cord is strung,” Furiate says. When the night comes to a close, we can totally see these babes recounting their day at a cozy campsite. Where’s our invite?!


Finally, we can’t end this list without including the “can’t-be-tamed” attitude of our beloved Sagittarius. This fire sign is always in for an adventure, even at a music festival campsite.

“Sagittarius will travel the earth to experience its next adventure,” Furiate says. “The wilder, the more fun and more truly outrageous the event, the longer Sag wants to engage.”

As for the festival shower situation? That’s no issue for this impulsive sign. “It is easy for Sagittarius to forego a shower and formality as they embark upon an escapade that will offer them limitless stories to convey for many years to come,” Furiate tells us. We’re in to get down and dirty with y’all at any music festival! Just give us a time and place, please.

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