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TikTok’s Pookie & Jett Are Taking Over My FYP

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Every few weeks, there’s a new TikTok couple that people online become seriously obsessed with, and now, there’s a new one. Odds are, you probably already know who I’m talking about. For the past few weeks, my FYP has been filled with videos from Jett and Campbell Puckett, a Georgia-based couple whose content consists of fit checks, story times, and of course, Jett’s surprises for Campbell, who most people know as Pookie. 

Pookie and Jett’s content primarily consists of fit checks for date nights where Jett gives Campbell the best compliments. He mostly refers to her as “Pookie,” and his compliments have become the source of the latest and greatest TikTok trends. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, allow me to give you a bit of a rundown. 

According to a pinned TikTok on their profile, these two met at a wine bar in Philadelphia. Jett said that two days after meeting, he and Campbell were inseparable and 10 months later, they were engaged. When you know you know, I guess! At the time, Jett was a graduate student and Campbell was a flight attendant. Clearly, she was catching flights and feelings, but made it work.  

Since then, Campbell and Jett’s lives look a lot different. According to Jett’s LinkedIn page, he’s currently a Managing Director in dental practice sales. Campbell is an influencer and content creator for her blog called You Should Wear That. She clearly knows what she’s talking about regarding fashion, so this makes sense. 

The couple’s TikToks are posted on Campbell’s page, which has been going viral for the past few weeks. While she will post content individually, most of her best-performing content is with Jett. Their most-viewed TikTok currently has over 512,000 likes. Even celebrities are fans of these two — TikToker Brianna LaPaglia and her boyfriend, country singer Zach Bryan, recreated one of their videos, and Jett and Campbell were thrilled. 

One of their most recent videos has really taken over, too — Jett surprised Campbell with a massive floral arrangement that said Pookie on it. And BTW, Jett’s most iconic line, IMO, is in this video. He said, “There’s a florist that happens to be like 100 yards from where I sauna.” Iconic. 

This is your reminder to never settle — you, too, can find your Pookie. If you need me, I’ll be waiting to see what Jett gets Campbell for Valentine’s Day because I already know it’s going to be over the top.

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