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love is blind season 4 finale
love is blind season 4 finale
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It Looks Like Only A Select Few Can Watch The ‘LIB’ Reunion Live

The day has come — sort of. The Love Is Blind live reunion event for the tumultuous Season 4 was meant to be like the Super Bowl of petty reality TV drama, but Netflix not working and subsequent delays have taken away the magic for a lot of hopeful viewers. Now, it looks like a lot of people straight up can’t watch the Love Is Blind live reunion during the official stream. If that’s you, you’re not alone — and Twitter is not happy.

After promises of a brief 15-minute delay that ended up stretching over an hour, Netflix finally took to Twitter to clear the air and eat some humble pie. “We are incredibly sorry that the Love Is Blind Live Reunion did not turn out as we had planned. We’re filming it now and we’ll have it on Netflix as soon as humanly possible. Again, thank you and sorry,” their statement read.

This comes after (and during) some confusing revelations for Netflix subscribers: It appeared that some viewers were able to watch the reunion with no issue, while for others, the only thing they can see is an error message. Why can some people watch it but others can’t? That’s currently unclear, though a few of the cast members that took matters into their own hands in the interrim may have offered an explanation.

Nancy from LIB Season 3 was among a few in attendance at the live reunion that hopped on Instagram Live while waiting for the action to begin. In addition to answering fan questions, she mentioned that the reunion would only be live for the Netflix viewing party, and that for everyone else, it would simply be recorded and put up later like all the other past LIB reunions.

This seems to contradict, well, reality, because many viewers were able to start watching the live reunion despite both Nancy’s claim and Netflix’s statement that the reunion would no longer be live for Netflix subscribers. As for why that’s happening, the best guess anyone has is that Netflix is glitching out — which wouldn’t be outlandish given the technical issues that led to this delay in the first place.

For now, we don’t have any more concrete answers; Netflix is remaining tight-lipped about what went down that caused so many issues for the livestream, but hopefully we get more clarity soon. In the meantime, Twitter is here to stoke the flames of outrage that began as soon as 8:05, when it was clear things wouldn’t be going smoothly.

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