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Wilmer Valderrama Had Nothing But Praise For Demi Lovato After Her March For Our Lives Performance

Wilmer Valderrama was one of many celebrities who marched in protest of gun violence across the country on Saturday at the March For Our Lives rally in Washington D.C. where his ex, Demi Lovato, performed an emotional rendition of her hit “Skyscraper.”

The NCIS actor raved about Lovato’s performance with Entertainment Tonight: “She’s a hero to young men and women out there,” he said. “I think that she’s literally the image of recovery and getting their life together, so I’m excited that she’s there and for this historic moment for young people too.”


Valderrama added how excited he was to see many of his fellow Hollywood stars use their voices to speak out, even in the face of potential backlash.

“They used to tell us when we were young and entering the industry, ‘Oh you’re an actor, don’t get involved in politics,'” he said. “But then you realize that politics affect policy and policy affects humankind. It’s really interesting as citizens, as people in general, that you actually get involved. So I think that’s why it’s exciting to see that so many people are lending their voices, but most importantly, their platform for other people’s voices, because we gotta just be amplifying the people’s word and the people’s spirit.”

Valderrama even acknowledges that this generation of teens leading the way is more in tune with politics and the world than ever before.

“They have a tool that we never had growing up, which is the power of social media,” he stated. “They’re able to communicate to not only their immediate network, but they can actually make something trend. And it’s cool, it’s trendy to be an activist today. If you’re not aware of what’s happening, not only in your community but on a national level, when it’s affecting you directly, you’re not keeping up with your own generation.”

“We’re waking up to a generation that understands what needs to get done and is about to get it done themselves,” he added.

Other stars including Amy Schumer, Paul McCartney, Amal and George Clooney, Connie Britton, Olivia Wilde, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, also participated in the marches throughout the country, while performers at the Washington D.C. march included Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Platt, Jennifer Hudson, Common, Vic Mensa, Andra Day, Ariana Grande, and Miley Cyrus.

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