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harry styles and taylor russell
harry styles and taylor russell
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Harry Styles & Taylor Russell Broke Up & The Internet Has One Question: Why?

Bestie, you might wanna sit down when I tell you this: Harry Styles and Taylor Russell are broken up. That’s right — after 14 months of dating, the it-couple has reportedly called it quits. But since the two looked so good together, and had many fans labeling them as “endgame,” the internet has just one question: Why did Harry Styles and Taylor Russell break up?

On May 19, a source told The Sun that Russell and Styles hit a rough patch after their trip to Japan in April 2024, resulting in their breakup: “He’s been in America and she’s been in London,” the source said. “They made a lovely couple and it was obvious Taylor made Harry happy.”

While neither Russell nor Styles have come out to talk about why they broke up — they’re pretty private people, after all — their breakup comes as a complete shock since the two seemed to be extremely in love. In March 2024, it was reported that Styles was thinking about having children with Russell — according to an anonymous source: “He is in love with Taylor. He wants a family with her and this is the next phase of his life,” they said. Shortly after this, Russell and Styles went to Japan on a (what sources are saying) “make-or-break” trip.

It is worth noting that having children is an extremely personal decision. So, let’s not point the finger and speculate that Styles’ desire to have children has anything to do with their breakup, OK? Sometimes, things just don’t work out!

Styles and Russell were first linked back in late 2022 and June 2023. The couple kept things pretty on the D.L., but fans were absolutely obsessed with the pairing. Now, they’re (most likely) in tears.

Here’s to hoping these two take care of themselves — breakups are hard, and being in the public eye during one can only be harder!

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