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Harry Styles and Taylor Russell
Harry Styles and Taylor Russell
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Harry Styles & Taylor Russell’s Relationship Timeline Just Got A Heartbreaking Update

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Couple alert! Harry Styles and actress Taylor Russell have been looking really cute lately as fans have spotted them together a few times over the past year. Prior to the couple getting together, Styles was in a public relationship with Olivia Wilde until December 2022. Russell was previously linked to Lucas Hedges until 2019.

Fans didn’t start speculating that Styles and Russell were dating until the summer of 2023 when they were spotted together on several occasions. Let’s take a look at their seemingly low-key relationship timeline.

June 2023

On June 23,  Styles and Russell actress were spotted together for the first time in a parking lot, where a fan caught them walking to a Mercedes Benz at the White Cube Gallery in London. 

Rumors began, as fans speculated that the two were out on a date, as they swooned over their potential romance.

July 2023

On July 8, Russell attended Style’s concert in Vienna, where she was seen dancing along to his performance in the VIP section.

A day later, the pair were spotted taking a stroll through Vienna. And of course, fans quickly noticed the pair out in public.

The Bones and All actress attended Styles’ concert once again in Italy on July 22. This time she was seen standing in the crown as she watched Styles’ performance.

August 2023

This time Styles showed his alleged bae some support by attending the opening night of the stage performance The Effect in London, where Russell played the lead, on August 9. Later that night, the couple was seen celebrating Russell’s opening night at a post-show party. 


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♬ London Boy – Taylor Swift

On August 28, the couple was spotted by fans holding hands while out in London.

A few days later, Russell spoke with The Face about her role in The Effect and even reflected on relationships. “I’m never going to be volunteering all of my feelings. I’m somebody who, annoyingly, complicatedly, needs things to be asked and pulled from me to talk about it,” she said, “But even then I’m like, ​’I’m sorry, is this too much? Is this too much?’ So I need a partner who is going to do that or else it’s never going to work.” 

She added, “The tax on a real relationship is the reality that you will get hurt, you will [have] grief, something will be lost at some point, and that’s OK. It’s worth it.”

September 2023

Dates, dates, dates… and more dates!

Styles and Russell grabbed coffee on a chilly day in London on September 26 and TBH, they looked so cute together.

October 2023

On October 12, a source told Us Weekly that Styles is “head over heels” for Russell and that he looks forward to spending time with her as much as he can. The source added, “Things are very serious, and Harry definitely sees a future with Taylor.”

November 2023 

On November 9, Styles and Russell were seen enjoying a U2 concert in Las Vegas, as Russell stood close to the former One Direction member.

January 2024

The pair was spotted on a baecation in the Caribbean on January 5 as they spent time soaking up some sun on the beach.

On January 26, the two were seen again holding hands in London.

March 2024

On March 17, the couple showed off their drip as they were spotted in New York City. Russell was seen wearing a long navy blue trench coat and a blue baseball cap while the “As It Was” singer had on a brown cardigan over a white tee and khaki pants.

Both Styles and Russell rocked a black leather piece from the Row, as Russell wore some loafers and Styles carried a tote.

April 2024

The low-key couple was spotted once again on a vacation, but this time in Japan.

May 2024

On May 20, reports surfaced that Styles and Russell had broken up after 14 months together. Of course, the internet’s devastated, especially since this it-couple had become a fan fave, with many (including me) thinking they were endgame.

At this point, I’m convinced love doesn’t exist anymore.

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