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Vets Thought This Saint Bernard Had Cancer But He Actually Just Ate A Bunch Of Teddy Bears

Meet the dog who stumped his vets: Maisie, an 8 year old St. Bernard, was thought to have cancer by her vets, Metro UK reports.

The UK family took their furry family member to the vet because she seemed to be sick, and, to their devastation, the vets found a mass in her stomach that appeared to be cancer. Her owner, Jane Dickinson, then took her to Paragon Veterinary Referrals in Wakefield, England where they intended to remove her fur-baby’s spleen.

When the vet took Maisie under the knife, however, they found the situation was not nearly as grave as it seemed. It turns out that the pup had swallowed, not one, not two, but four teddy bears. The bears filled poor Maisie’s stomach to a point of discomfort, and created the illusion that she had a mass, when she really, just had a massive amount of stuffing. The vet was able to remove the stuffed animals from Maisie’s stomach, leave all of her organs in and send her home completely cancer free, as she had always been.

Maisie’s parent explained she had swallowed her Chihuahua sibling’s chew toys, as well as a stuffed animal from her Uncle’s house. The good news is Maisie is happy and healthy back at home with her humans and Chihuahua siblings. 

Maisie wasn’t the first St. Bernard to swallow something she definitely shouldn’t be eating. In 2005, a 6 year old Elsie swallowed a 13 inch knife. While this knife wasn’t misdiagnosed, the vet did at first think the scan was a prank.

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