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Tyga Opened Up About His Ex Girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s ‘New Life’

Tyga went on the Complex show Everyday Struggle and naturally, Kylie Jenner came up. DJ Academiks asked the rapper if there was any “bad blood” with his former flame, whose been dominating the news with the birth of her and Travis Scott’s baby girl, Stormi. The two have been broken up for a while now, but DJ Academiks made a valid point — “people are wondering.” 

Tyga kept it quick and to-the-point.

“She has her new life and I have my new life and that’s it. There’s no bad blood, no problems,” he said. Fair enough.

But he also revealed that the two have not completely severed ties. “We communicate here and there.” Really though, the two seem to have amicably split. “People love the drama,” Tyga said. V true. 

Tyga already said all of this awhile back, but it was before the world knew Kylie was pregnant. On The Breakfast ClubTyga talked about the break-up, “I feel way more like myself again, way more free,” he said. In the interview, he added that he “didn’t feel no type of way” about Travis Scott either. He said him and Kylie had been broken up for seven months. “He’s not in the wrong,” Tyga said. “It’s not like I broke bread with him and said he’s my day one homie.” 

Sounds like Tyga is fine. Seems like Kylie is fine. The end. 

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