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Turns Out a Little Pessimism Can Be Good for You

According to a surprising scientific finding, a little bit of pessimism can actually help you achieve your goals! Evidence suggests that too much optimism can actually hold you back from what you want, because you risk getting caught up in positive thinking. If you’re busy daydreaming about acing an exam, for example, you might get so caught up in thinking positively that you don’t actually study. But if you’re realistic and tell yourself that you might not get an A, you will likely put more effort into preparing for the test.

We’re not telling you to be negative all the time, by any means! All the study shows is that a little bit of negativeor even just realisticthinking can be a good motivator for getting things done. So, if you’re working toward a goal, make sure positive thinking doesn’t get in the way. Be proactive by considering possible obstacles, and make a plan of action that will enable you to move past them. 

For more information on the study that sparked this idea, watch the video below:

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