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I Listened To The Try Guys Podcast About Ned Fulmer So You Don’t Have To

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been completely engrossed in the Ned Fulmer cheating drama over the past couple of weeks. Trust me when I tell you, I could probably tell you everything about this scandal: from the relationship timeline, to the theories, to the social media response — I’ve been like a Try Guys detective, basically.

However, on Oct. 6, the Try Guys released an episode of their The TryPod podcast entitled “ok, let’s talk about it.” And bestie… they talk about it.

In the hour-long podcast, Zach Kornfeld and Keith Habersberger (Eugene Lee Yang was noticably absent) sat down with their podcast producer and honorary Try Guy, Miles Bonsignore, to talk about the drama, the internet reactions, and how this scandal has impacted their personal lives — and their relationship with their audience.

If you don’t have the time (or energy) to commit to this hour-long episode, don’t worry. Here are all of the major takeaways from this episode of The TryPod.

The Try Guys Found Out About Ned Fulmer When The Internet Did

When news broke about the Ned Fulmer cheating drama, the internet was (figuratively) in flames. After the initial shock, internet users wondered if the other Try Guys knew about Ned’s affair long before it went public.

However, the other Try Guys found out right when the internet initially did — Labor Day Weekend. While the scandal blew up on Sept. 27, rumors of Fulmer’s affair began swirling after proof of him cheating on his wife, Ariel Fulmer, was leaked on social media. Apparently, the guys learned about it from social media and moved swiftly to investigate Fulmer’s behavior.

Ariel Fulmer’s Involvement With The Try Guys Is Still Uncertain

Ned wasn’t the only Fulmer involved in The Try Guys brand. His wife, Ariel, also created content for the channel — most notably, on the podcast, You Can Sit With Us alongside Backy Habersberger (Keith’s wife) and Maggie Bustamante (Kornfeld’s fiancé). While The Try Guys did not sever ties with Ariel Fulmer, they say they are giving her time to focus on herself and take a break from the internet.

Ned Fulmer’s Response Was Not Coordinated With The Try Guys

Shortly after the affair went viral, the Try Guys’ official social media platforms released a statement saying that Fulmer was no longer working with the Try Guys. Within minutes, Fulmer also released his own statement about the scandal. Because of this, and the fact that the statements were written in the same font and style, fans wondered if the Try Guys and Fulmer orchestrated this response together. According to Kornfeld and Habersberger, that’s not the case.

“We shared what our statement was going to be [with Fulmer], we did not have insight into what his statement was,” Kornfeld said on the podcast. “I also want to say that we did not coordinate fonts, I believe he saw ours and copied it. And it is an opinion that I am not happy about.”

Kornfeld went on to add, “When I saw that I was like, ‘you had to choose the same font that made it look like we wrote your [response?]’ Come on, man!”

Habersberger also agreed with Kornfeld’s opinion. “It’s my opinion that it was on purpose. That it was to optimize results for him. That’s my opinion.”

Everything About Ned Fulmer On Deuxmoi Is True

During the rapid-fire tea sesh at the end of the podcast, Bonsignore asked the guys, “is everything on Deuxmoi true?” Kornfeld responded, almost immediately, “100%.”

However, Habersberger clarifies what exactly is true when it comes to the Deuxmoi gossip. “People claiming to be from our office and saying that we were forcing people to sign NDAs? That didn’t happen.”

If The Affair Never Went Public, The Try Guys Would’ve Severed Ties Anyway

The question on all of our minds: if the affair never went public, and Fulmer was able to quietly leave, would he have come back later down the line?

According to both Habersberger and Kornfeld, it’s a no.

“What happened, it betrayed our trust,” Habersberger said. “Very simply, he would’ve been removed. It would not have been this public spectacle and we would’ve tried to avoid that for the sake of the other people involved, but it happened how it happened.”

There Is Not Going To Be A Fourth Try Guy

With Fulmer gone, many fans of The Try Guys have wondered if the group would enlist a new Try Guy to create on their channel. However, when it comes to the future of the channel, Habersberger and Kornfeld both concur that a fourth Try Guy is not in the picture.

“It’s a good opportunity to let other people, to let women, to let non-binary people, to let people from different backgrounds, ages, and body types have these sorts of experiences [on our channel],” Habersberger said. “So we can actually, as viewers, gain a different perspective of cool opportunities.”

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