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Wait… Trevor Noah Dated *Who*?!

The South-African comedian and former host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, is no stranger to the spotlight. From aptly speaking on politics to commanding laughs from the stage, it’s clear that Noah has an exceptional gift when it comes to speaking, except when it concerns his romantic life; ICYMI, he has been known to keep his personal life under wraps. 

If you self-identify as a top-notch celeb gossip PI through your master skills at social media stalking, you’d probably still come up dry when scrolling through Noah’s feed. Noah’s Instagram profile is 12 posts of zero, zilch, nothing on juicy romantic drama. I guess he likes to keep things professional. Boring. 

So who has the jack-of-all-trades comedy star dated? Since you won’t find the run down through cyber stalking, I’ll tell you myself!

Dani Gabriel: 2014 – 2015

Noah’s first public relationship was with Dani Gabriel, a South African-raised physiotherapist and musician. Talk about a girl boss! Noah and Gabriel dated roughly from 2014 to 2015 before they split when Noah took over as The Daily Show host. 

Jordyn Taylor: 2015 – Summer 2018

Shortly after, Noah began dating Jordyn Taylor, a former singer and model,  and current luxury real estate consultant. The couple dated for about three years, and their relationship seemed to be getting serious before they publicized their breakup in summer 2018. Taylor had just moved from LA to NY to be closer to her new serious partner, so it was a shock to the public when the two appeared solo at the MET Gala in 2019. However, they appeared to have ended things on amicable terms. ICYMI: Taylor revealed to her IG followers that she loved them despite their ending relationship during a Q&A on her story. 

Minka Kelly: August 2020 – May 2022

Roughly a year later, Noah got into a relationship with Minka Kelly–another relationship that insiders were convinced was super serious. Like Taylor, Noah brought Kelly for a “holiday of a lifetime” in South Africa. The couple was even reportedly looking for a home together in LA before they briefly split in 2021. Apparently, they tried to figure things out before finally calling it quits in May 2022. 

Who is Trevor Noah dating now?

It’s 2023, and both Kelly and Noah are back in the dating game. Noah was reported to have been caught sharing a corner kiss with the pop sensation of “Levitating,” Dua Lipa.  The two were definitely on a date back in September, but both have kept the possibility of their relationship a mystery.  Noah laughed off the rumors, claiming that he and Lipa are “just friends,” although fans continue to hold their suspicions. That’s all that sources know of Noah’s dating life, for now. Though such a public persona, Noah for the most part succeeds at keeping his personal life private.

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