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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
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Travis Kelce Joined Taylor Swift Onstage At The ‘Eras Tour’ & The Internet’s Losing It (In A Good Way)

This is not a drill y’all! Chiefs superstar Travis Kelce joined Taylor Swift onstage for the first time ever during her Eras Tour concert on June 23 in London, and suffice to say, fans are losing their minds. 

Kelce started off as a man with a friendship bracelet and a dream. In June 2023, he was spotted at an Eras Tour show at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City where he also plays for his team, The Chiefs. Kelce had the intention of giving Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it, but he sadly was unable to have his wildest dreams come true that night. But he didn’t give up!

After that, the stars aligned and allowed Kelce to finally shoot his shot with Swift, which clearly worked because they’re now official. 

Since going public with their romance in September 2023, the celeb couple has stolen the hearts of Swifties – I, included. They’ve been seen supporting each other in their respective careers — Swift attending Chiefs games and Kelce making appearances at the Eras Tour

While a sighting of Kelce at his girlfriend’s show is no rarity, being on stage with her absolutely is. How many people can say they were hard launched on stage alongside Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour?

Rocking a suit and tie, Kelce joined Swift for her performance of “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart” from her latest album The Tortured Poets Department. Fans have been eating up clips of this performance online, specifically when Kelce is seen lifting the singer off the ground and carrying her to the back of the stage. 

Fans’ hearts are still melting over this and many have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to share their thoughts about just how meaningful Kelce’s appearance really was.

Karma really is the guy on the Chiefs, and fans could not be happier that Swift’s finally found that fairytale love she’s been after for years. Let’s all sign a petition to have Travis Kelce as a permanent background dancer for Taylor Swift in future Eras Tour shows. I mean, he’s definitely proven himself!   

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