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\'Too Hot To Handle\' Season 6 cast
\'Too Hot To Handle\' Season 6 cast
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Here’s Where You Can Follow The ‘THTH’ Season 6 Cast On IG

Alright girlies, who’s ready for Season 6 of Too Hot to Handle? The new season premieres on Netflix on July 19, and the best way to prepare for the season premiere (as you impatiently wait) is to stalk the cast’s Insta accounts. There are 10 new, pretty faces entering the villa this season, but never-heard-of prizes and former cast members returning faces have been teased. Season 6 even features a new twist: Bad Lana (a rule-less sidekick of the OG Lana).

Let’s take a look at the IG’s of this season’s rule-breaking hotties as we wait to see how unpredictable Season 6 will be.

Katherine Laprell (@katherine_laprell)

This gorgeous girl from LA has “energy for days” according to her bio on the Too Hot to Handle Instagram. On Laprell’s IG account, it shows that she’s a fashion model (who’s surprised?) and so many of her pics showcase her effortless beauty.

Charlie Jeer (@charliejeer)

According to Charlie’s bio on the THTH IG, he’s a “bad boy from Britain with a very big…Saxophone.” This saxophone-playing hottie is a model/musician according to his IG profile. Much of his feed surrounds his love for music and also his modeling campaigns.

Kylisha Jag (@kylishajag)

Kylisha’s bio on the THTH IG describes her as “sweet with a side of spicy.” This Toronto girlie has an effortlessly luxurious Insta feed that I will now be trying to replicate. Needles to say, her feed looks like it’s straight-from Pinterest.

Demari Davis (@demaridavis4)

We have ourselves another cute model/musician with Demari! His bio on the THTH Insta notes that this is your man if you’re “looking for a guy in finance, 6’5, great smile” (and who isn’t?) Much of his feed consists of looking stylish for his modeling career.

Lucy Syed (@lucy_syed)

Lucy from London is an absolute cutie. Lucy’s feed consists of stylish bikini pics and gorgeous snapshots from vacay. 

Joao Coronel (@joaocoronel_)

Another musician everyone! Joao’s bio on the THTH Insta says that “he’s ready to rock and roll.” Joao, who’s from Porto Alegre, uses his IG mostly to promote his music career as he posts a ton of videos of his performances. 

Brianna Balram (@thebriannabalram)

According to her bio, Brianna is “a self-proclaimed player.” The stunner from Atlanta describes herself in her IG bio as a model, vlogger, and influencer, so yeah, she’s doing it all. A lot of her feed consists of flawless pics of herself. That face card doesn’t decline.

Jordan Frank (@jordanroyfrank)

Jordan’s THTH bio describes him as a “soulful surfer looking for love.” This Cali boy is a model according to his Insta bio (which is no surprise), which consists of surfing adventures and modeling shots.

Gianna Pettus (@giannapettus)

Gianna is described as “politically blonde” in her THTH bio. This Arkansas girlie slays on her feed, posting pics from her nights out, selfies, college girl adventures, and vacays. 

Chris Aalli (@chrisaalli)

A model from Manchester, Chris Aalli is said to “love a challenge.” Chris’ feed consists of his model shots, one even notably from a Dolce & Gabbana campaign, so he is killing it, to say the least. 

BRB, gonna stalk this cast’s IG feeds and take some notes for my own. Who isn’t excited to have these gorgeous people grace our screens on July 19? 

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