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No, You Don’t Have To Be A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader To Do The “Thunderstruck” TikTok Dance

ICYMI, Netflix’s America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders has started a new TikTok dance trend. The series documents what it takes to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and offers insight into the lives of the iconic cheer squad, from auditions and training camp to NFL games. 

The show discusses themes of perfectionism, especially with women in an age of comparison, and having the drive to accomplish a long-awaited dream. The seven-episode series highlights the sacrifices made by the women on the squad for their dreams. Some women have to compromise their relationships and jobs to make the sacrifice necessary to make it as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, which could include moving to Texas and taking part in strenuous daily routines.

Many dancers still need to make ends meet and continue working their jobs but ensure they arrive at practice after a long day of work and practice until very late. Needless to say, becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader requires a lot of dedication.

Viewers of the show are now wondering if they have what it takes to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Since America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders premiered on June 20, many have taken to TikTok to film themselves doing the most iconic routine performed by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.”

Many are using this now-viral trend to showcase their cheerleading abilities. Just look at these TikToks because, y’all, people are killing it. The next step is donning a Dallas Cowboys cheerleading uniform. Grab some friends, watch the series, and learn the steps to “Thunderstruck.”


Yes, I’m addicted to the show too 🤣 #dallascowboyscheerleaders #netflix #dcc #thunderstruck #collegedays @Netflix @Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

♬ Thunderstruck – AC/DC

Replying to @juliebrown1108 A DREAM!!😍👢⭐️ sadly i’m only 5’0🥺💙 #dcc #jumpsplit #fypシ゚viral

♬ Thunderstruck – AC/DC

The girlies are loving this dance. One commented on a TikTok that performing the routine is the “New standard for all girly friendships.” 

After mastering the dance, many are already planning to be Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for Halloween, showing off their effortless moves. One TikTok shows a clip of the iconic performance, with the caption, “I think we can ALL agree what our Halloween costumes will be this year.” One person commented, “We should have a meeting so we can perform together.” It seems girlhood is now performing “Thunderstruck” together.

BRB, I’m rewatching all of these videos while taking notes because I cannot perform the “Thunderstruck” routine that effortlessly.

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