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Tyla has been winning over the music industry with her viral songs — now, she’s winning on TikTok. Since dropping her self-titled debut album, she’s been one of the hottest up-and-coming artists of our generation. Tyla made history at the 2024 Grammy Awards when she won the first-ever award for Best African music performance for her viral song “Water.” Since her big win, she’s been killing the game, and that includes taking over everyone’s FYP with another viral dance. 

Tyla posted a throwback video of herself on-stage performing on May 28 with the sound of her track “Jump.” In the video, she showcases her iconic dance moves defined by fluid hip movements that only Tyla could pull off.

“Was an opener last year, and i was SWINGINGGGGG,” she wrote, adding the hashtag “#tylaedit” at the end of her caption. She shared the video after an edit on @gelogelada’s TikTok page went viral, more commonly known now as “That Tyla edit.” 

Since the edit accumulated over 75 million views (and 10.5 millions likes, if we’re counting), nearly 310,000 creators have made videos using the sound and Tyla’s dance. Charli D’Amelio (who I thought quit TikTok?) participated in the trend, garnering even more viewership than the original edit with 102 million views. 


alexa has been telling me to post this dc @Tyla

♬ som original – ciel

Now, there’s an inside joke going around where people are hopping on “before he sees blue sweats girl” do the hip-moving dance trend. But who is the infamous blue sweatpants girl? I’m not so sure, because the top video for this sound is from creator Brooke Monk, though the comments seem to hint that she wasn’t the OG everyone’s been talking about. 

There’s another creator by the name of Laura Sophia who’s likely the blue sweats girl as she has over 11 million likes on the video of her during Tyla’s viral dance.


tratando el bailesito de tyla 🕺

♬ som original – ciel

So far, tons of TikTok creators have tried out the viral move and have been killing it, TBH.


had to give this one a shot

♬ som original – ciel

Im not even mad at it tbh😂😂 #fyp #tyla #foryou

♬ som original – ciel

This dance is so freakingggg addictive #tyladance #bacardidance #fyp

♬ som original – ciel

And we can’t overlook these honorable mentions.

Clearly, this isn’t the first time Tyla’s found success creating buzzy a TikTok trend. Before she won her Grammy for “Water,” the song was all the talk on TikTok. Everyone and their mothers were taking part in the “Water” challenge, which came about from a video of Tyla performing the track and pouring water on herself

While appearing on The Dotty Show by Apple Music, Tyla said it was incredibly “exciting” to see how successful the song was and the A-list talent who were taking part in the trend. “I just love seeing the videos,” she said. “Seeing like Megan Thee Stallion use it, Christina Aguilera, Tinashe, like all these crazy people that I look up to using my song, it doesn’t feel real and it’s all happening all at once.”

It feels right that Tyla has ignited yet another dance challenge on TikTok. Move over, Charli, because there’s a new queen of TikTok dances.

McKinley Franklin is a writer and recent college graduate from East Carolina University. She was Her Campus' fall 2022 entertainment and culture intern and is a current national writer. McKinley specializes in entertainment coverage, though her favorite niche of the industry is reality television.