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Show Your Personality With The ‘Three Moods’ TikTok Trend

On any given day, I feel like I fluctuate between three main moods: frazzled, sleepy, and suddenly needing to dance on a rooftop. There is really no in-between. And thanks to the “Three Moods” TikTok trend, I can see that, clearly, I’m not alone. Right now on my FYP, TikTokers are using a trending sound inspired by YouTuber Jenna Marbles and comedian Bo Burnham (yes, you read that right) to document their three primary “moods” in life. The results? Relatable, entertaining videos that perfectly capture what it means to be a human these days.

If you had to name the top three “moods” that define your existence right now, what would they be? Shamelessly sleeping in? Stressing about corporate America? Obsessing over the Olympics? Same. The TikTok trend, which you can easily find by searching the hashtag #3Moods, is the perfect excuse to show us the moments that define you best — whether big, small, funny, serious, or somewhere in between.

I won’t lie, there’s a lot going on in this TikTok trend, so let’s dissect it, shall we? First, we need to talk about the audio. The trending sound, which was originally posted by TikToker Julz Morriz, features clips from four different songs. The first is a soundbite where Jenna Marbles says, “I got three looks. And that’s IT!” The clip comes from a comedic song she released in 2014 called “Three Looks,” in which she highlights her three style personas — one of which is “12-year-old boy.” Also, if you don’t know who Jenna Marbles is, she essentially paved the way for savage internet humor over a decade ago. Check her out. You’re welcome.

The subsequent audio clips come from Bo Burnham’s special, Inside, which premiered on Netflix on May 30, 2021. The songs featured in the TikTok trend are “Welcome to the Internet,” “Look Who’s Inside Again,” and “Bezos I,” all of which have an entire vibe of their own. In the trending audio, Burnham’s songs are stitched together back-to-back after Jenna’s soundbite to create a delightfully chaotic backdrop for #3Moods. The key to achieving this trend is to think of three “moods” that define you best, film a depiction of each one (the more drama the better), then align your videos with the mini Burnham medley. 

Since the songs are already stitched together for you, all you need to do is make sure that each of your three “moods” correspond with the “mood” of each Burnham song — which, broadly, are some variation of chaotic, lonely or isolated, and 100% amped. If you’re totally confused, check out this fun example from @plantedbymich, who shares her three “plant parent moods”: being obsessed with her plants, being sad because they’re dying, then impulsively buying new ones, followed by the caption “I can cycle through all 3 in an hour.” I also love this version from TikToker Jillian Reef, who shares her three “driving moods”: getting Starbucks, blasting music while contemplating her youth, and impulsive road rage. Honestly, all three are me. 

If you need some additional inspiration, check out this video from TikToker @ramram3x, who documents her three moods as a first-generation immigrant, or this version from @aprilsyrup, whose moods range from being hyperfocused to dramatically laying on the floor to celebrating being gay. 

While it may seem complicated to execute at a first glance, the “Three Moods” TikTok trend is easier than you think, and leaves lots of room for humor and creativity. So next time you’re in a mood, get creative and show us what it’s like to be you. 

Tianna is the Associate Editor at Her Campus Media, where she creates branded and editorial content across Her Campus, College Fashionista, and Spoon University. She graduated from North Carolina State University and received her masters from Columbia University. Tianna currently lives in New York City where you can find her sipping coffee, practicing yoga, and singing show tunes. Say hi and follow along on Instagram!
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