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bachelorette season 20 cast
bachelorette season 20 cast
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Here’s Where To Follow This Season’s ‘Bachelorette’ Guys On IG

Get ready, #bachelornation. The new season of The Bachelorette is almost here. On June 26, the first episode of Season 20 will premiere on ABC, starring former Bachelor contestant Charity Lawson. 

Lawson was one of my favorite contestants on Season 27, where she competed for the heart of Zach Shallcross, a charismatic tech mogul and former Bachelorette contestant himself in Season 19. Despite being a fan favorite due to her charisma and signature smile, Lawson was eliminated following the hometown dates. Her goodbye was raw and heartbreaking, but the child and family therapist from Georgia clearly had better things ahead. Now, her dreams may finally come true, with an amazing lineup of guys competing for her heart.

Who are they, you may ask? I could not wait to learn more about the 25 contestants on Season 20 of The Bachelorette, so let’s break down who each of these guys are and where you can follow them outside of the show.

Aaron B.

Instagram: @aaronrbryant

Age: 29

Job: Software Salesman

Aaron B. is a graduate of Tulane University and loves sharing his fitness content, inspirational messages, and even quotes from authors like Mark Twain.

Aaron S.

Instagram: @aaron.schwartzman

Age: 33

Job: Firefighter 

When he’s not saving lives, Aaron S. loves to post about his surfing adventures hanging out with the guys. I’m so excited to see the relationships he develops with the entire cast! 


Instagram: @iamadrianhassan

Age: 33

Job: Realtor 

Adrian is a single dad and successful realtor, but according to the ABC website, he recently became a personal trainer after an inspiring personal fitness journey.


Instagram: @braydenbowersofficial

Age: 24

Job: Travel Nurse

Brayden is a committed dog dad and shares stunning shots of himself and his dog River. He’s also a veteran of the U.S. Army, having retired in May of this year.

Caleb A.

Instagram: @calebarthur1

Age: 29

Job: Resident Physician

Although Caleb A. works 80-hour weeks, he is eager to take the next step forward and find a wife. I predict he and Charity will totally bond over their careers.

Caleb B.

Instagram: @kaledixonwwe

Age: 24

Job: Pro Wrestler

Let’s get ready to rumble! Caleb B. is a pro wrestler from Orlando looking to embrace his softer side. I think he will be one of the most dynamic contestants of the season.


Instagram: @christopher.spell

Age: 27

Job: World Record Jumper

Chris certainly has an interesting conversation starter. He has two Guinness world records: one for the highest standing box jump and another for the highest standing backflip. Why do I feel like this will have something to do with his entrance?


Instagram: @do.ol_

Age: 30

Job: Integrative Medical Specialist

Dotun spends a lot of time in the lab, but is also an athlete; check out this post of him running track at Chico State! Originally from Nigeria, Dotun moved to the U.S. as a child and is looking for a girl who will get along with his large family. Given how good Charity is with kids, it could be a perfect match!


Instagram: @cideresquire

Age: 28

Job: Attorney

James says his dream first date is to take a girl to his family farm. This seems like a perfect do-over after the disastrous results of the hometown dates during Charity’s time on The Bachelor.


Instagram: @joeygraziadei

Age: 27

Job: Tennis Pro

Joey is a pro tennis player from Hawaii who loves to soak up the sun. On his Insta, you’ll find countless shots of his adorable smile and stunning sunsets; I’m already obsessed! 


Instagram: @joemenzia

Age: 32

Job: Tech Operations Director

The self-described “plant daddy” posts regular gorgeous snapshots of the plants he sees on his travels, but will love blossom between him and Charity?


Instagram: @johnburesh

Age: 27

Job: Data Scientist 

John won my heart with his skills on the guitar, as shown in this Instagram video. Maybe we’ll get a serenade this season!

John Henry

Instagram: @johnhenry222

Age: 30

Job: Underwater Welder

John Henry has one of the wildest careers of the bunch, and he posts regular selfies in his diving gear. Of course, he dreams of diving with his future wife, but we’ll have to wait and see how Charity feels about such an adventure.


Instagram: @joshua_lc_young

Age: 28

Job: Harvard Grad Student

Josh’s life story is one of the most interesting I’ve ever seen from a contestant on the show. The 28-year-old from Pennsylvania left a cushy Wall Street job to work at a non-profit providing affordable housing and is now a graduate student at Harvard.

Kaleb K.

Instagram: @kalebkim54

Age: 26

Job: Construction Salesman

If you’re a football fan, Kaleb may look a little familiar. The Georgia native played Division I football at Auburn University, which Charity also attended! It looks like the two already have plenty in common. I can’t wait to see him embrace his competitive side and win Charity’s heart. 


Instagram: @ahmad_khalid_hassan and @khalid_the_trainer

Age: 28

Job: Tech Recruiter

Khalid enjoys spending time with his large family (seven siblings!), lifting weights in the gym, and jamming out to SZA. 


Instagram: @michael.a.barbour

Age: 28

Job: Yacht Captain

The world traveler’s Instagram gives us a small window into his unique lifestyle, such as this edited video of his travels across Europe last year. If he takes Charity on a boating date, I don’t think the other guys stand a chance.


Instagram: @nicbarber97

Age: 32

Job: HR Executive 

According to his Bachelorette bio, Nic is a certified Swiftie, so we know Charity is in good hands. So far, he has spent most of his working life in the army, traveling the world, and is now looking for someone to travel alongside him. 


Instagram: @pilotpete.fly

Age: 33

Job: Pilot

I’ll say what we’re all thinking: another Pilot Pete? Charity, it might be best to expect some turbulence!


Instagram: @seanymclaughlin

Age: 25

Job: Software Sales Rep

OMG, another Swiftie. Sean even attended the Eras Tour, as seen in this Instagram video. He loves to spoil his French bulldog puppy, posts her frequently, and spends his spare time on the golf course.


Instagram: @spencerstorbeck

Age: 32

Job: Medical Sales Director

Bring on the dad jokes! Spencer is a 32-year-old single dad from Moorpark, California. We know Charity loves kids, so this could be a great match.


Instagram: @tannercourtad

Age: 30

Job: Mortgage Lender 

Charity, I hope you’re a dog lover. Tanner’s claim to fame is that he’s rescued more than 50 dogs in his lifetime and has no intentions of stopping.


Instagram: @pegg56

Age: 32

Job: Loan Officer

The Bachelorette website describes Taylor as the class clown, and I anticipate a few pranks and antics will ensue this season. He describes his favorite music as anything you can “bump and grind to.” I’m sure he’s going to bring the drama!


Instagram: @reider.dub

Age: 27

Job: Construction Manager

Warwick immediately caught my eye with the playlist he posted in his Instagram bio. I’m not sure why he linked an almost 15-hour holiday pregame playlist or why it seems to be a mixture of rap and Y2K divas, but I need answers. According to the official website, he’s passionate about exploring his Japanese roots and sharing that journey with his future wife.


Instagram: @xaygotthesauce

Age: 27

Job: Biomedical Scientist 

Xavier knows how to create chemistry in the lab, but will he be able to with Charity? Well, the fact that he’s 6’6 may at least help get the ball rolling. Someone is certainly going to stand out in the lineup! He’s looking for a committed relationship like his parents share.

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