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The “thanK you aIMee” TikTok Trend Has Users Exposing Their Enemies & It’s Messy

Taylor Swift has no problem calling people out in her music, whether it’s one of her exes, a former friend, or a hater. On The Tortured Poets Department, Swift doesn’t shy away from sharing her feelings about exes, situationships, and friends — the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all. On track 24 of TTPD: The Anthology, “thanK you aIMee,” Swift, seemingly, addresses her longtime enemy Kim Kardashian (because “KIM” is capitalized in the song title), as the lyrics of the song talk about bullying and criticism. 

Since the album’s release,  people have been in their villain era and using this song on TikTok to call out those they have beef. 

While it’s unconfirmed if “thanK you aIMee,” is about Kim, there’s a lot of evidence that supports it being about her. Personally, it sealed the deal for me in verse 2 when Swift sings, “And it wasn’t a fair fight, or a clean kill each time that Aimee stomped across my grave.” This has the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video all over it. 

In case you need more confirmation that this song is likely about Kim, the end of the track will have you shocked. Swift sings, “And so I changed your name and any real defining clues. And one day, your kid comes home singin’ a song that only us two is gonna know is about you.” ICYMI, Kim’s daughter North West has vocalized in the past that she’s a fan of Swift’s music, so this diss is kind of iconic. 

Now that you understand the depth of the song better, allow me to explain the TikTok trend to you. Users are posting videos that feature the lyrics “And so I changed your name and any real defining clues. They’re also using a caption that spells out somebody’s name in capitalized letters — similar to how the track “thanK you aIMee” spells out “KIM.”, These captions are spelling out names of people’s exes, former friends, or situationships. It’s messy, and I’m here for it. 

In this video, the user spells out the name “LAURA,” likely calling out an ex-friend, or lover. 

This user spells out the name “ADDIE,” and the caption reads “idk this title just resonates with me more I guess.” And there’s beef in the comments already. Addie commented, “don’t be shy, @ me next time, cause this was 2 years ago, and i wasn’t the backstabber.” Addie then posted a TikTok to Tate McRae’s song “Were not alike.” The tea’s hot! 

This user spells out the name “COLTON,” and people are resonating with her in the comments. One user wrote, “oh wow this is very specific to me.” 

Here’s another one of a user calling out what we can assume is her ex. The letters spell out “TYLER.” 

Here are a few more in case you’re living for the drama.


this def isnt about anyone👀 #fyp

♬ thanK you aIMee – Taylor Swift

what😝😝who said that😝😝😝

♬ thanK you aIMee – Taylor Swift

So, if you have some beef you’re looking to bring to the internet (TBH, the “thanK you aIMee video should just stay in your drafts), you now have a new trend to do so with. 

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