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Swifties Think Taylor Included An Easter Egg In This ‘Eras Tour’ Outfit

Since Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour kicked off on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona, fans both at the shows and vicariously enjoying it through videos and live streams have been analyzing all aspects of the tour. From deciphering the meaning of her new songs for the tour to going crazy over wild moments on stage, this tour has no shortage of content for Swifites to go feral over, including potential hints at a re-release. 

Swift fans love a good easter egg and will do anything to find one. For months, they have been practically begging for Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and pointing out references to the album every chance they get. Now, it seems like The Era Tour is feeding into the easter egg hunt. Fans have a new theory that one of Swift’s costumes on her tour is revealing the much-anticipated re-release. 

With over three hours of singing and 16 costume changes, it’s no secret that the fans are given a lot to talk about when it comes to Swift’s Eras Tour outfits. However, the one stirring up the most conversation is the simplest of the 16 costumes. During her performance of “22,” Swift pays homage to the original music video of the song by wearing a white tee with text, black shorts, a red lip, and a black fedora. One major difference between the original outfit and the Eras Tour one is that certain letters are highlighted in red. This could just be in reference to the album “22” appears on, Red (Taylor’s Version), but fans are holding out hope it’s an easter egg for another re-release. 

On night one of her tour in Glendale, her “22” shirt read, “A lot going on at the moment,” with “a lot” in red. Fans weren’t necessarily surprised by this one as it is the same line as the shirt in the original music video. However, on the second night in Glendale, Swift’s shirt showcased a new sentence: “Who’s Taylor Swift anyway? Ew.” And in true Swift fashion, she kept her fans on her toes because this shirt had the word “ew” in red this time.

Swifties have gotten used to blondie’s subtle hints, so they weren’t going to let this one pass by. Fans started laying out the highlighted letters and theorized that they might spell out “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).” After easter eggs for past re-records and Midnights, I don’t blame Swifties for being prepared for any hint Swift might throw at them. Also, she loves a good word scramble. Remember the chaotic letters that Swift dropped randomly on Instagram in August 2021 that ended up being clues to a Red re-release? Just like that easter egg, this “22” word scramble might not be a coincidence after all. 

It seems like the letters aren’t the only possible easter egg for the Speak Now re-record. After realizing that so far the letters are lining up perfectly, another fan added that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) adds up to 22 letters, and the shirt that leads to the clue is worn during her “22” performance. The same TikToker pointed out that during Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” performance where all the eras are in boxes, the Speak Now era was the only one holding a microphone, potentially hinting that it’s next for a re-release. Honestly, they might be onto something. 

The first Vegas show had the same shirt as night one in Glendale and the second show had the same as night two in Glendale, but fans think this is all a part of the plan. As night one in Glendale was the first lyric clue and night two was the second lyric clue, there’s a theory by TikToker @cmarttake that the third lyric clue will come the first third night of a stop, aka April 2 in Arlington, Texas. So far, the theory has stood true and one fan even commented, “What if it only takes three shirts because it was her third album?” How do they come up with this stuff? 

Though Swift has yet to verbally confirm an upcoming Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) rerecording, these easter eggs are really doing their job. Swifties, I’m rooting for you.

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