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Swifties Are Going Wild Over Taylor Diving Into Her ‘Eras Tour’ Stage

The weekend of March 17 was the most anticipated weekend of the year for Swifties, as Taylor Swift’s monumental Eras Tour commenced in Glendale, Arizona — or “Swift City,” as the mayor of Glendale changed it to, in honor of the tour’s opening night. Swift not only met the high standards of her 70,000 fans, but surpassed them with her performance, set list, outfit changes, and special effects — including a shocking stage dive.

The Eras Tour debut had a 44-song setlist within a three-hour and 15-minute long show. Swift opened on night one of the tour with hits from her first owned album Lover, which was supposed to have its own tour in 2020 but was canceled due to the pandemic. Swift stunned in a dreamy pastel and “bejeweled” bodysuit from Versace and sparkly Christian Louboutin boots (swoon). Swift had 10 more outfit changes throughout the night, matching every one of her album’s eras.

In Swift fashion, the special effects kept fans on their toes, especially after Swift dove *into* the front stage. Yeah, you read that right. Before transitioning into her Midnights album set, the stage mirrored a body of water with sounds of waves. Then, Swift nonchalantly did a graceful dive into a small opening of the stage. Fans went berserk — Swifties who had floor seats couldn’t see where she dove into, which made the illusion even more epic. After Swift dove in, a video of Swift played on the stage of her “swimming” to the front. All of this happened while Swift did her last outfit change of the night and began her hit “Lavender Haze.”

After the rave about the stage dive, it makes me wonder what other tricks Swift has up her sleeve. After all, the tour has only just begun.

Fans went wild over the incredible production on Twitter. There was praise, and of course, there were memes.

After the rave about the stage dive, it makes me wonder what other tricks Swift has up her sleeve. After all, the tour has only just begun.

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