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Swifties Think Taylor Swift’s Dropping A Live Album Of The ‘Eras Tour’ & Their Theory Is Pretty Convincing

If there’s one thing that we can be sure of, it’s that Taylor Swift is always going to have something going on, whether she’s touring or working on new music. It seems like the singer always has something up her sleeve, and this time, fans are convinced she has a live album drop in store. Well, what if combined those two things and released a live album to accompany the Eras Tour film a year after the tour kicked off in Glendale, Arizona? 

On Feb. 7, it was announced that the Eras Tour would begin streaming on Disney+ beginning March 15 after only being able to watch it in theaters and on demand. However, on March 4, it was announced that the Disney+ premiere would be moved up a day earlier on March 14 at 6 P.M. PST. While Swifties were excited about the news, they were also curious if there was a reason for the move-up date, such as a release of a live album. 

The theory of a live Eras Tour album started in October 2023 when Swift released  live audio from the tour of her song “Cruel Summer.” This made fans curious about what other songs may have been recorded during the Eras Tour and what else could be hidden in the vault. While some may have forgotten about that theory in anticipation of The Tortured Poets Department, it has since made a resurgence with the upcoming release of the Eras Tour film streaming on Disney+.

In the past few years, live albums have gotten increasingly popular by allowing fans to relive their favorite performances all over again. Artists who  have released live albums in the past are 5 Seconds of Summer with Meet You There Tour Live in December 2018, Ariana Grande with k, bye for now in December 2019, and Beyonce with Homecoming: The Live Album in April 2019. 

If we were to get a live album of the Eras Tour, it also wouldn’t be the first live release from Swift. She previously released Lover: Live From Paris in May 2020, as well as The Speak Now World Tour — Live in November 2011, which accompanied the DVD release of the tour. Since there hasn’t been a live album from any of Swift’s other eras with the exception of Speak Now and Lover, now would be the perfect time for one with the Eras Tour. 

While I don’t know if Swifties are clowning or if there’s any truth to an Eras Tour live album, I can only hope that we’ll get one while we wait for the release of The Tortured Poets Department. 

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