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Fans Are Taking Sides On Taylor & JP’s Breakup On ‘LIB’ Season 5

ICYMI, Love Is Blind dropped new episodes of Season 5 on Sept. 29. We’re at the stage where newly formed couples take a vacation to Mexico, marking their first experience living together after the pods. While sometimes, this stage of the Love Is Blind experiment can go smoothly, quite a few couples watch their relationship turn into chaos. In the new Season 5 episodes, millions of viewers watched fan-favorite Taylor try to navigate her engagement to JP, as he began to show his true colors. Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 5 follow.

Taylor and JP almost instantly formed a connection in the pods, bonding over shared life experiences and nicknames like “sugar butt.” Plus, they managed to never find themselves in any love triangles and became the first couple to get engaged on Season 5. They seemed head over heels in love when seeing each other for the first time. However, the once-promising pair quickly fell apart over the next few episodes. 

While in Mexico, JP kept an awkward emotional distance from Taylor and judged her by how much makeup she had on during reveal day. The red flags just kept piling up, and the whole time, I was rooting for Taylor to RUN. 

TBH, the makeup comment especially bothered me. First of all, JP’s comment contradicts the entire point of Love Is Blind – which is to choose partners based on their personality, rather than looks. Plus, women wear makeup (or opt not to wear makeup) for THEMSELVES, not to appease or impress men. If the makeup helped Taylor feel confident on a high-stakes, nerve-wrecking day of the show, that’s all that should’ve mattered. After looking through fans’ reactions on X (formerly known as Twitter), I came to the conclusion that I’m not the only woman who feels this way. 

After JP made this off-putting remark, he and Taylor slept in separate rooms before Taylor decided to call it quits (you go girl). 

Taylor has since revealed that JP tried to reconnect with her after the Mexico trip, but she wasn’t ready. “The conversation was good, but our timing just didn’t work out, so we never actually met up,” she told Page Six.

In a show filled to the brim with drama and love triangles, it’s refreshing and empowering to see a boss babe who knows her worth, and confidently chooses independence over a man who won’t treat her right. I, along with many others, am so glad to see these kinds of inspirational women in my favorite dating shows. 

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