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Here Are The Relationship Statuses Of The ‘LIB’ Season 5 Couples

Reality shows are the ultimate source of entertainment when it comes to my need to witness drama and tea being spilled — specifically shows that are based on romance. The fifth season of Love Is Blind tests the waters on which couple will make it work outside the pods. Like any reality show, you can’t have it without some steamy drama

Love Is Blind is a reality series that follows a group of men and women who are hoping to find one thing… love. For 10 days, each couple is occupied in “pods” where they communicate verbally, but don’t see each other explicitly. From there, the couples will go through a speed-dating format and can compose a marriage proposal once the couple is comfortable with one another. The engaged couples take a trip together, where they may visit one’s family, friends, and other aspects of their partner’s life. If a couple gets to the wedding planning period, the men and women go shopping for wedding clothes, respectively. Then, the grand finale is at the altar, where the couple will either say “I do” or “I don’t.”

With the finale coming up on Oct. 13, here’s what you need to know about these couples’ relationship statuses.

Uche and Aaliyah: Broken up (For now)

I think it’s safe to say that this couple was doomed from the start. From Uche bashing Aaliyah for her infidelity in a previous relationship, to the shocking revelation of Uche and Lydia being an item before the couple got together, it seems that this relationship was far from perfect. 

Because this couple was a fan favorite, a lot of people had high hopes for the couple based on their chemistry. However, Aaliyah felt betrayed due to Uche dating Lydia, and she didn’t want to put herself through more pain. Uche, on the other hand, felt like Aaliyah didn’t have the “confidence” for him or their relationship. I guess we’ll have to wait for the finale to see if these two made it work — but the breakup seemed pretty final on screen. 

JP and Taylor: Broken up (For now)

This is another couple that could’ve been the cutest thing ever. JP and Taylor’s honeymoon phase of their relationship was one of the sweetest things to witness in the season. They even got engaged, with much excitement. Everything seemed to be going well for the couple… until their Mexico trip came.


Me when I forget my new husband’s name. #loveisblind #netflix

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During their vacation in Mexico together, JP made some horrible comments about Taylor’s appearance and questioned if she was being fake. To Taylor’s dismay, she decided to end things with JP, not because of the comments he made, but because their connection for each other got super weird. Again, we’ll just have to wait until the finale to see if this couple called it quits for good.

Izzy and Stacy: POssibly still together

Another couple that got engaged during the season, Izzy and Stacy seem to have it all perfectly wrapped within their relationship. Although these had suffered from connection issues, they were able to push these aside and cater to one another. However, there are reports that state that these two did not legally marry each other, despite being issued their marriage license in May of this year. After snooping on Instagram, it looks like they still follow each other, so maybe they are still together, but felt like marriage wasn’t in the cards for them yet. Only time can tell. 

Lydia and Milton: POssibly still together

Unlike the other couples during the season, these two had a rocky start. The six-year age gap between these two was among the many issues, and I don’t know about you, but I too would be worried if an age gap were to ruin a relationship. Despite their differences, the couple was able to work through their problems and manage to increase their love for one another. 


However, some noted that Lydia and Milton are no longer following each other on social media. This leaves me to think that (maybe) something bad happened between the two, but it’s likely that these two just want to keep their relationship private for the time being. 

With only a few episodes left of the fifth season, many couples’ fates are still in the air. Although it’s pretty evident that we witnessed a semi-breakup between Aaliyah and Uche, we can’t determine where everyone else will be once the season is over. I guess we’ll have to sit back and daydream of the finale until it gets here.

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