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Fans Have Thoughts On Uche & Aaliyah’s Drama On ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 5

Don’t get me wrong, Love Is Blind has given birth to some piping hot tea, and I’m 100% here for the drama – but it leaves me scratching my head every time. I wonder who even thought that it could create healthy marriages. Take this season’s Aaliyah and Uche for instance. Despite their differences, their romance seemed to blossom, until a shocking revelation – which threatened two relationships, a friendship, and the Love Is Blind experiment as a whole. 

This wonderfully chaotic show just premiered the first four episodes of its fifth season, and boy, fans really need to buckle up. 

In the first few days, Aaliyah and Uche discovered how similar they were and took a liking to each other. All seemed to be going well until the end of Episode 1, when Aaliyah revealed that she cheated on an ex two years ago. Aaliyah made it clear that she wasn’t proud of it and assured Uche she would never repeat this mistake, but he remained doubtful.

After watching this drama, fans flooded X (formerly known as Twitter) with their reactions to Uche’s judgemental response to Aaliyah’s confession.

Nevertheless, Aaliyah and Uche kept getting closer, as her friendship with Lydia strengthened at the same time. Lydia comforted Aaliyah after the cheating disagreement with Uche, and somehow knew exactly the right words to say at the time. She even snuck in some affirmations like “I see myself in you.” Her attitude towards Aaliyah seemed pretty suspicious in hindsight. Why? Because Lydia and Uche actually dated before the show even began

Lydia still has Uche blocked on social media because she was afraid that seeing him might cause some sparks to reignite. In Episode 4, she explicitly reveals that if she sees him, she might fall for him again. While Lydia gave her full blessing to Aaliyah, the truth is much more complicated. 

Uche was essentially hypocritical towards Aaliyah, after lecturing her about infidelity – a mistake she clarified multiple times that she’s learned from since then. He told Aaliyah that “two years wasn’t that long ago” in reference to her cheating, and asked her how she could assure him that she wouldn’t be unfaithful to him while they were engaged. Ultimately, Aaliyah decided to drop out of Love Is Blind

An experiment about learning to fall for someone based on their personality and heart, rather than their looks, seems valuable – but that’s not where it looks like it ends. This season is shaping up to be tumultuous – but would it really be Love Is Blind without at least one hot mess of a love triangle?

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