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Twitter Can’t Stop Talking About This Video Of Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell

After years of manifesting, it looks as though those cheesy, 2000s-esque romantic comedies are about to make a comeback. With the third installment of My Big Fat Greek Wedding coming this year, and No Hard Feelings heading to theaters in June, I simply cannot wait to bask in the rom-com renaissance, and neither can the internet. However, if there’s one thing that the internet loves more than on-screen drama, it’s off-screen drama.

Does anyone remember when Hugh Grant said that film sets are “weird” now because actors no longer get drunk and fall “in love with each other” off camera? Well, if you agree, then you’ve probably seen that viral video of Sydney Sweeney and Glenn Powell behind the scenes of their new rom-com, Anyone But You.

But first, some background. ICYMI, Deadline announced that Powell and Sweeney would be starring opposite each other in a new R-rated rom-com, Anyone But You. As of now, a lot of the plot details are being kept a secret — but since filming had just wrapped, it’s likely that the film will release sometime in 2024, or late 2023.

When the film first began shooting, Powell and Sweeney broke the internet with an adorable photo of them on set. With Powell in a suit and Sweeney in a stunning How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days-esque gown, the photo oozed quintessential rom-com energy. However, as more photos have leaked of the set, fans are starting to ship the duo… especially after seeing this new video. Her Campus reached out to both Powell and Sweeney’s teams for comment, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

On April 23, a BTS video of Powell and Sweeney went viral after being reposted on Twitter. And the internet seriously can’t stop talking about it.

Now, now, now. It’s worth noting that Sweeney has been engaged to her longtime partner, Jonathan Davino, since early 2022. Similarly, Powell has been with model and actress Gigi Paris since 2020. While news broke that Paris unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram, it’s not exactly our place to read into anything. I unfollow people accidentally, and purposefully, all of the time. It’s seriously not that deep, y’all.

However, if there’s one thing the internet is going it do, it’s talk about the lives of people they don’t even really know.

Some are really hopping onto the Sweeney-Powell ship.

Others are convinced that, based on this video, something is going on between the couple.

A few internet users as chalking this ship up to some good ‘ol PR moves.

And, of course, some people just want to see Powell and Zoey Deutch reunite or another rom-com.

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