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jennifer lawrence in no hard feelings
jennifer lawrence in no hard feelings
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J-Law Is Back In Hollywood, But Some Fans Are Unimpressed By Her New Movie’s Trailer

The 2010s it girl, Jennifer Lawerence, is back and better than ever. With The Hunger Games movies streaming on Netflix, Causeway up for an Oscar and her last comedy being the political-satire Don’t Look Up – the stars aligned and J-Law signed onto another film dropping this summer on June 23. 

The film, No Hard Feelings, is Sony’s raunchy, tongue-in-cheek comedy that follows Maddie (Lawrence) as she hits rock bottom. WIlling to do anything to save her house, she answers an odd Craigslist ad: a call from helicopter parents who want to hire Maddie to date their 19-year-old-son before he goes to college.  

Fans have raved over the trailer. A proper comedy under Lawrence’s belt seems to be something fans have been waiting for. But, not everyone is thrilled with the movie’s premise.

Percy, the 19-year-old who Lawrence is hired to have sex with, looks much younger than Maddie. While we don’t know the age of Maddie’s character, we do know she’s old enough to own a house, car and that college is far in her past. Also, Jennifer Lawrence and Percy’s actor, Andrew Barth Feldman, are 12 years apart. Legit the same age gap as Taylor Swift and John Mayer and Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama. Side eye.

However you feel about the film, no one can deny the buzz surrounding it. The ad campaign picked up serious traction on Twitter. Sony plastered the very Cragslist ad that draws Maddie in around major cities in the U.S. to draw attention and it worked. Here’s Twitter’s best reactions, good and bad, to the entire No Hard Feelings hype. 

Aside from the killer ads, fans were just glad to see J-Law back on the big screen. 

While plenty of people are thrilled about No Hard Feelings, let’s not forget that age gap I mentioned…

And in general some people just aren’t impressed.

However you feel about J-Law’s new movie, you can find someone who agrees with you. We’ll have to see what happens once it comes out this summer since, for now, we’re just speculating based on the trailer. 

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